My Brother.

Ashleigh Tomlinson is the little sister of Louis Tomlinson. She has had a good life until she starts a performing arts school with her brother, whos been going there for two years. Ashleigh is really unpopular and feels left out on the first day, so Louis takes her to meet his friends. She falls hard for one of them.



Ok guys I'll try to keep this short. I don't know if anyone will read this but I'll still post it. So I've decided to delete my stories and start some new ones on this and wattpad. So these ones that i have started will be gone and I'll be making different ones because I have SO many ideas for not only 1D fanfics but like Dan, Phil, Pj and Chris ones and alot more. So yeah. Also my Instagram is Niallunitedtheirish and my wattpad is niallunitedtheirish. if you want to talk to me directly my kik is sebasburra and my textone is iamallama. also check out my youtube which is Ashleigh O or hcr4eva. Thanks guys bye :)

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