One Direction Imagines

These are just random one direction imagines/daydreams I have at times when I'm bored so yeah. Read and comment if you like them. -Ammarah


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Im sitting at home, while the boys are having a "Boys night out" and im stuck here all alone. Then i fall asleep. I wake up to hear a loud bang of a door. I look at the time and its 10:00. The boys arent suppose to be back already. Then i see a very drunk harry walk in. oh god. "hey babe" he says in a drunk tone. then i say "uh harry your not suppose to be back so early and where are the other boys?" i say as i slowly get up from the couch. "oh, i told them i was tired." he said. "then why arent you going to bed?" i ask him. then he says "because i wanted to spend some time with you."he says seductively. Then i run into my room and lock the door. wait, i forgot the key! Then i see harry walk in holding the key. Shit! then he pushes me against the wall and starts kissing me. I try to get him off me but his grip only gets tighter so i stop strugling and he loosens his grip a little and says "good girl" then i make a run for it. I run into the living room and trip over a pile of louis striped shirts. louis tomlinson, im going to kill you when you come back. I start to move back until im against the wall again and harry keeps coming closer and the he.....slaps me. "Thats for running." he said until the door bursts open, 3 drunk guys and 1 sober guy walks in. (niall, louis, zayn, and liam)

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