There are two bands. One Direction and Sweet & Sour. These two bands are in a band competition. The winner gets to be on national TV and gets to work with Simon Cowell and gets a contract with him. But when one of the band members in One Direction falls in love with one of the girls in Sweet & Sour. One of the girls in Sweet & Sour fall in love with that same person Louis Tomlinson things get rough.


1. Meeting the band Sweet & Sour


Hey people i'm Donna. I love to sing and dance. I am in a band named Sweet & Sour. I am the lead singer. My 3 other best friends are in it. Emma, Megan, and Jocelyn. Got to go see ya.




Hiya, I'm Megan but you can call me super carrot, megs, or carrot princess. As you can see I love carrots. Anyway I play the guitar in the band. Bye




Hey, I am Emma, anyway I love to hang out with my besties. I play the Electric piano in the band. I also help write the songs with Donna. See ya.



Yo peeps, I am so crazy once you get to know me, well actually I am crazy even before you get to know me. Just kidding but thats what my friends think. I play the Drums in the band. Love ya


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