Do you remember summer 09?

Harry Styles was my everything. But it’s been almost 3 years when we last saw each other. Why couldn’t I move on? I heard he had already. Harry was on a band now. It was just so hard to let go. I'm 18 and homeless. Worst part of it all, i used to have a great life, but that curly boy showed up and changed everything. I thought everything was lost. But one day as i walked down the cold streets of London, i saw him again. Followed by some girls and paparazzi. Would he recognize me?


1. Remembering.


I sat down as I told myself. "This is just a dream. None of it is true, it can’t be." My name is Rebecca, I’m well known as Becca. I’m 18 years old, Black haired and natural tanned skin. As you see me now, I’m your average girl. I have a flat belly and I’m medium tall. People always said my green eyes were the most beautiful feature of mine, but I always replied with "my curly hair is actually the nicest" I loved my soft long and curly hair. Besides my eyes were just that, eyes.

I stood there, remembering back then, about 3 years ago. I used to be so happy. I don’t know what my life would be without him anymore. Harry Styles was everything to me. People said we were young. They said it was just a “summer love.” That we were kids and it wouldn’t last long. But my curly haired boy always told me the words I’d never forget “They don’t know about us, but I bet you if they’d only knew, they would just be jealous of us.” I Guess he was wrong. Maybe they were right, we were too young. But it hurt so much. I loosed everything. And I was just there, with a can of beer and my messed up hair. I honestly wanted to die. There was no purpose in my life if he wasn’t in it. 

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