You know i love you right?

Ella was just an ordinary girl that was going to the The New York styling school.
Wen she gets a chance to be one direction's stylist it was a dream come true.But will one of the boys fall for her? will all the boys fall for her? will the band stay together? will it all work out? will there be happy ever after?or not.
read on to find out wat happens.
Warning:drama lots of drama


1. My big chance should i take it?

Ella's P.O.V

I was in the middle of picking wat shade of eye shadow i should use on Elie.Elie was one of the models of the fashion show that will be held  later in the day.Each student from The New York styling school got a model to do there make-up on yup the The New York styling school was the best of the best and i went there it was gonna be my 2nd year going to this school.

''Ella'' i heard someone scream.

''Wat's wrong?'' i asked while dropping my brush and running to lily.

''huh huh huh'' i herd her huff she was so tired of running she could not speak.

''Wat's wrong, lily breath blue skys in dark skyes out'' i said while patting lily on the back

''Miss Ling wat's to see you as fast possible'' she said with a smile.

''Why?'' i asked worried.

''Don't worry you will find out'' she said  while giving me a friendly smile.

''Oke but wat abbout Ellie '' i said while staring at Ellie.

''Don't worry about her'' i heard lily scream sins i was half way outside already.

''Oke'' i shouted while running to Miss.Ling's office.I quickly walked in and sat down it the guest chair.

''Good morning Ella'' i heard Miss.Ling say with a smile she was the head of the styling school.

''Good morning'' i said with a big smile still tired from the little run i did.

she did not say any thing she just gave me a phone that was ringing.

''Hello'' i heard a women say, i'm guessing she had a britsh accent.

''Hi'' i said quickly.

''I'm calling from across the pond and i have some big news for you'' i heard her say in a weird tone.

''Oke'' i said confused.

''So you have been chosen to be a the stylist of a boyband you might know them there from Englad'' i heard her say.

''Omg thank you thank you'' i sreamed

''But who's this boy band'' i asked quickly.

''They are One direction'' i heard her say.

''Ooo'' i said while the smile was slowly going away.Miss.Ling gave me strange look.

''You don't sound so happy anymore '' i heard her say while the tone in her voice changed.

''I am thrust me'' i said quickly.

''Oke i do, well call me by tomorrow to know if your gonna take the job sins your plane wil leave tommorrow at 2 a.m'' i heard her say with a kind of giggle to it.

''oke'' i said .

''But wait wat's yore name'' i said with a weird tone in my voice.

''Lou'' i heard her say with a friendly tone.

''Oke talk to you later lou'' i said while ending the call.

I gave Miss.Ling he phone and gave her a smile and got up and went to her to give her a big hug.

''Thank you'' i said to her while giving her a nother hug.

I went outside and i saw Lily outside of Miss.Ling office .

''So are you gonna take it '' i heard lily say with a big smile.

''I don't know i got the chance to be One direction's stylist it's bin a dream for me to become stylist but you know how much i hate them'' i said.

''Look it's your big chance think good about wat youre gonna do'' i heard lily say while slowly walking away.

I just can't stand hearing there songs and poeple talking about them i just hate evry thing about them.

But lily was right it was my big chance should i take it?
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