Carly is on her way to her high school reunion. She's excited but not everything goes her way. When she meets Harry Styles will he of changed his ways or will he still be same old 18 year old Harry she wishes she never met.


1. Prolouge

(Carly's Pov)

"It makes your liiiiiiips so kissable and your kiiiiiss unmissable!" I sang to myself as I applied Masscara to my eyelashes. " Your fingertips, sooo touchable and your eeeeyyees Irresistable." I finished of the song just as i heard a knock on the door." Hurry uuupp! You take so loooong." My bestfriend Macy complained. Yes I am the famous Carly Rae Jepson on my way to my high school reunion. And I just hope he doesn't show up.

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