Carly is on her way to her high school reunion. She's excited but not everything goes her way. When she meets Harry Styles will he of changed his ways or will he still be same old 18 year old Harry she wishes she never met.


3. Crazy for you

(Harry's POV)

I walked into my wardrobe and picked a navy blazer, a white T- shirt and some jeans. Tonight was the high school reunion and I have a feeling Carly will be there. Oh Carly how much I dislike her. I hopped in to my Audi R8 and drove to the school where the reunion was going to be. I parked the car outside the school when I spotted a car I wasn't expecting to see. Carly's. This is going to be fun, I thought. As I opened the door when Carly called me over. Whats wrong with her? I went to the bar and downed a few shot before going over. She led me to a room "Whats wrong?" I slurred. She started kissing my neck and I moaned. Then she just left. "Bye Harry" She said suductively. "Bye" I said and stumbled out of the room. I need to go home I thought but then I argued with myself how about I go say 'Hi' to Ruby over there. She was my ex."Come with me" I said and pulled her to that room and closed the double doors...


Sorry for not updating in like ages. I was on holidays and i got back Yeasterday. This is just a filler and will be continued. But not for another little while. I will be going on holidays again next Saturday. I might update before then and It WILL be a bigger chapter. Any way HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

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