Age is but a Number

Dallas is a normal teenage girl when she meets Niall from One Direction in Starbucks but she doesn't know he is famous until they start to date what will Paul think and the boys find out when you read my Mobellas thx bye!!


1. Didn't Know

I walked into Starbucks and saw a blonde cute boy sitting at a table in the back with a curly haired almost afro like. I wonder why they were back in a corner with sunglasses and hoodies? Lady: what can i get you ma'am? Me: i would like an a strawberry kiwi smoothie Lady: coming right up Me: thank you Lady: your welcome I walked back and sat at the table next to the guys and started texting Melissa me - hey Mel what r u doing Mel- nothing what r u doing Me- at Starbucks wanna come over to Starbucks and hang with me Mel- idk Me- there's a cute guy the blondes mine though Mel- be right over Me- thats wht i thought lol c u later when u get here Mel- k End of conversation That guy looks so cute he looked at me when i looked at him :O Niall- hello love Me- hey sorry for staring at u Niall- its ok i was too Me- thats cool Niall- ya so whats ur name Me- Dallas

"thats a pretty name mine Niall"

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