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my first movella dont hate


21. The Hotel

Marissa's POV

I stop dead in my tracks when I walk into the hotel room. Sitting right in front of me is Louis, Liam, Harry, Niall, and Liam, Harry, and Nialls' girlfriends. Holy shit, One Direction is way sexier in person, I just about melt. "Hello there." Louis says while holding a hand out for met to shake and I do so. "Hi..." I say nervously, "m- my name is M-marissa." "Well Marissa..."Louis replies, "you know there's no reason to be nervous." "I---I.. I know... " I say. "Well... In that case, "Harry says,"I'm Harry. But... I guess you know that... "Harry laughs.

After I've met everybody, they leave Zayn and me alone. "Thank you," I say, "I really enjoyed today." "Me too." Zayn replies, "would you like to play a game?" "Sure, what game?" I say. "500 Rummy?" Zayn asks. "Ok. But, I must warn you, I'm a card shark." I say. "Challenge accepted." Zayn replys as he gets the cards and shuffles them. He deals the cards and I have a pretty shitty hand.

After various struggles on what to do. Zayn wins. As he pus his "rummy" down, He gives me a sarcastic 'hahaha' look. "You have beautiful green eyes Marissa."He admires before leaning in for a kiss. I kiss him back while playing with his hair with one hand and my other on the back of his neck. Zayn puts his arms around my upper back and starts moving down. I follow and move down with my hands as well. Once Zayn reaches my lower back, he slips my shirt off and I do the same to him. Still liplocked, Zayn slips his tounge into my mouth and I do the same to him. Zayn lifts me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. He lays both of us down on his bed. "I love you so much, Zayn." I moan between kisses. Zayn moves down to kiss my neck and starts exploring my body with his hands. My fingers start dancing along his abs as he moves down to kissing my chest. Zayn slips his pants off and does the same to me. Then it goes from there...

When we are done, Zayn lays next to me and just dazes into my eyes. I bury my head in his hug and about five minutes later we fall asleep in eachothers' arms.

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