The Library

Hannah was diagnosed with cancer when she was twelve, and was pulled out of school at thirteen when her condition became terminal. In the time since she left school, she discovered a love for reading and began to spend time at the library that would shape her life.


1. Prologue.


Over the past couple of years, I've come to accept that people don’t want to be my friend. The only company I've had since I was pulled out of school has been my dad, unless you count the doctors and nurses at the hospital, and the ones who come to the house sometimes. This has forced me to find new hobbies, since before all this started, tennis was my life, but I can’t cope with it anymore. The official reason is my health, but my own reason for giving it up was the unbearable looks from the coaches and other players who knew why I wasn't playing well anymore.

One of the new hobbies I've discovered is reading. I've read more books in the past couple of years than I had previously read throughout my entire life. I like it so much because it gives me a chance to escape my own life for a while, and concentrate on someone else’s life and someone else’s problems. I go to the library almost every day, even the librarian knows me by name. The old building on the outskirts of London that once seemed like the most boring place on Earth now feels like my one safe refuge away from the world.

It was on two separate trips to the wonderful library that I met the small group of people who would go on to spend what was left of their lives changing what was left of mine. And maybe I changed their lives a little too. 

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