It all started with a vacation (sequel to it all started with a trip)

This is the sequel to it all stated with a trip. Pls read that one before this one. It will make a lot more since. I will update as much as possible. :)


1. 1

Kourtney's pov
"Harry! Kyle! Come down here!" I yell "coming babe!" "just a sec mom!" I hear them yell back as soon as Harry comes down he kisses me "Kyle come down here now or I'm taking away Internet and your phone" as soon as Harry says that he comes bolting downstairs "hi mom, hi dad what did you need to tell me?" "I'm going to go to Florida for about two weeks and I'm going to have to leave you two here alone. I know I can't trust you guys alone so I'm having Zayn Anna Zach Amaya and Jason come over to watch you guys. You can throw as many parties as you want as long as you clean up all the messes. Got it?" "Yes" they both groan "ok. I'm leaving tomorrow"
**time flash to 10:30pm**
"Kyle, you have to go to bed in half an hour" "ok mom!" "I'm gonna miss you babe" Harry says to me "I will miss you too sweetie but its not for long. I just can't even imagine how crazy Kyle is going to get about this party whenever you want rule" "it's ok. I will be watching him" "that makes me even more worried" I joke "alright babe, I'm gonna go to sleep" I shiver and shake a little "are you cold kourt?" "A little" "come here then" he says his arms out hinting me to come cuddle him. I embrace him and lay my head on his warm bare chest (he has on just his boxers) "you are hot" "I know I am" he winks "I meant temperature wise but you are sexy hot too" "alright, you sleep you have to be at the airport early"
**time flash to 7:30am**
"Bye Kyle, love you" "love you too mom" "Harry babe, you have no clue how much I will miss you" "here. This will help you remember me" he hands me a bracelet that says love and on the back it says Harry. "It's beautiful" I say and kiss him "bye sweetie!" Harry says "your limo is here" I give him one last kiss and hop in the limo
Ambers pov
"Zayn baby. I'm going on a business trip for my new modeling gig I will be gone for about 2 weeks and I'm leaving the house at about 7:30am tomorrow morning" "aww I don't get to see my baby for 2 weeks" he frowns
**time flash to 10:30pm**
"Are you cold babe? You keep shivering" "yes, will you keep me warm?" "Of course" he says and pulls me towards his bare chest I lay on his tattoo above his right Breast and slowly drift off
**time flash to 7:30am**
"Alright baby it's time for me to go" he hands me a bracelet that says love and on the back Zayn "to remember me" I kiss him one last time before I leave. "Tell the kids I said bye and I love them and tell Jason I said 'keep it pg with Anna' he will know what you mean" the limo drives off before I could say another word "surprise!" I hear coming from behind me and suddenly I feel a pair of muscular hands wrap around my waist "Zayn! Why did you follow me?!" "No it's Justin stupid" "oh my gosh, just because we broke up and I said let's still be friends doesn't mean you follow me everywhere! Get out now" "you know that you are my sister-in-law now right?" "So, that doesn't mean anything" "it means that you need to be nice to me" "how bout this: first, you NEVER touch my waist or anywhere near it again second, you never tell Zayn about this and third, you can't come on the plane with me, Zayn will find out and will yell at me" "ok. Fine but, ONLY if you will give me a kiss" "EW! NO! I'M MARRIED!!" "Just one kiss. Please?" "NO!" "Fine, then I'll tell Zayn you did but if you do kiss me it stays in this limo and we will never speak of it again" "ugh. Fine but it better be quick" I groan. I lean in to kiss him when I hear Zayn yell from the passenger seat "you just almost kissed him!!" "Zayn it's not what you think. I was trying to protect our relationship. I didn't want him to go and tell you a lie I swear I would never ever cheat on you especially with… well that thing no ofence Justin" "umm… none taken" he chuckles "but it's true. I was pressuring her to kiss me but only because- well um, I miss her and am jealous of you for getting married to her" he spits out the end really quick "I will pretend this never happened IF you sit in the back and let me and Amber have some alone time" "I just want one kiss! That's ALL I want!" "Honey will you just do it so he will shut up?" "fine, but only for like two seconds" I lean in to kiss him but realize that Justin left and put Zayn in his place so I kissed him instead, I opened my eyes and saw it was him not Justin so I kissed longer then I expected. When we stop "where did Justin go?" "I'm right here I decided I don't think I can do this. I mean kiss a married girl that is my ex and also my sister in law. That's just messed up, but I will if its REALLY ok with Zayn and he isn't just saying that" "I- I guess it's fine but only if Amber is ok with it" "I don't care as long as its ok with Zayn" I lean in again to kiss him and this time it's actually him, it's been around 5 years since I've kissed him. I feel a cold wind blowing on my face and hear cameras flashing, the stupid limo driver must have hit the window button "alright Zayn, We got to go, I'm about to miss my flight and so is Justin but he's on a different flight" "alright baby, I love you" he says and kisses me "love you too" Justin and I get out of the limo and as soon as we get in the actual airport he grabs my hand "I'm sorry" he said when I give him a nasty look "it's just after that kiss I feel different about you, just pretend I'm Zayn" "but Zayn is so much cuter than you" '@seventeenmag: @Directioner_2000 (Zayn's wife) and @JustinBieber kissing and holding hands?!? Zayn, you better get jelly (link here)' the link: IS AMBER MALIK CHEATING ON ZAYN MALIK WITH JUSTIN BIEBER?!
We saw Amber Malik making out with Justin Bieber in a limo after the limo driver 'accidentally' hit the button to roll down the windows, there was a shadow in the other window that appeared to be Zayn but why would he let his wife kiss with their brother in law? This hasn't been confirmed but an undercover interviewer walked by and heard Justin say to Amber "I'm sorry" he said when she gave him a nasty look after he grabbed her hand. "it's just after that kiss I feel different about you, just pretend I'm Zayn" "but Zayn is so much cuter than you" "alright, this is my flight bye" Justin says and gives her a kiss (all the pictures)' I look around for Kourtney and see her walking in with Harry "hey sista from another mista" she says I give Harry a hug and he kisses me (friendly) on the cheek and then I give Kourtney a hug "bye babe, love you" Kourtney says and goes to give Harry a kiss and he lifts her up so she can reach his lips "love you too, I will see you soon and call me on the plane if you can" "ok" "alright so now we're free of our husbands and we can do what ever we want" I say "how bout we get on the plane first" "ok party pooper" I mumble jokingly
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