Me and Niall

There is a new girl named Courtney and she just moved over to the high school over the summer and she made no friends over the summer and she meets a boy named Niall and they get to know each other and u have to read to know the rest :P


1. Summer

Courtney's POV.

Ok so my family and I are moving to Missouri this summer so I did really want to move coz I had a lot of friends there so but it took me a year, a WHOLE year to make like 10 friends jeez it sucks being a teenager........but right now I am sitting with my annoying brother and he is blubbering about Pokémon or something but we still have a plane ride to go then a hour drive then we will be at the new home but it's not as fun as u think u know that there is snow there ugh I hate snow! It's like cold and wet and sticky yuck.........(on the plane) But I'm going to a new high school so maybe I can change like cut my hair, change my hair color, change every thing maybe just maybe so I can get some more friends......... I put in my earbuds and put on take me home by one direction and and fell asleep to Liam's voice on heart attack.
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