Kidnapped by One Direction

Clare Loveland is a normal 16 year old girl.But what happens when a normal girl get kidnapp by One Direction.Will she escape,or fall in love with one of her kidnappers.


1. Intro

Clare POV:

Hi my name is Clare Loveland.I have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.I  am 16 years old.I play the guitar and I love to sing but I am to shy to sing in front of people.I live in London with my older sister Megan Loveland.I been living with her for about six months.Are parent died in a car accident.I was walking from school.When I feel like a black van was following me.So I start to walk faster.Tell I here someone scream "I'll get her."I drop me books on the floor and start to run as fast as i can.I run to a dark alley.When I hear someone say "She over here.''I start to run again but i feel strong arms holding my waist .I start to stream but he puts his hands around me.I try to run but he to strong.I hear someone say good job Zayn.

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