Starbucks kiss

Ava lives with her roommate victoria. She makes a run to starbucks when she runs into one directions Harry Styles.


4. Focus

Harrys POV

It was probably a little early to go in it was only six I would just wait inside till she was done. It was a big gray building with no windows. Well this is boring I thought to myself. I opened up the front door. I was in a small room with trophies and ribbons all across the wall. There was a desk but nobody was there. Then I saw a young girl probably 20 walk in from the back. "Exscuse me misss." She ignored me and started humming. She had on short tight spandax and a black shirt. She also had in headphones so thats probably why she didnt hear me. She walked to the file cabnet and got out some papers she sat them on the desk in front of me. I tapped her lightly on the shoulder. "One sec." She screamed without looking up. She took out the papers she needed and looked up. I could tell the second she recognized me because her eyes got big and she yanked the headphones out of her ears. "Hi..Ummm are you here to see Ava? She was nervous which was kinda cute. "Yeah you know her?" "Yeah Im Alissa we work together. Let me show you where she is I think shes teaching the hiphop class right now." I follow Alissa into a big room with mats on the floor and mirrors against the far wall. "Shes over there." Alissa says pointing to a tall girl in the middle of a bunch of younger girls. "Thanks." She waves bye and walks into a small room. I turn back around a open the glass door into the gym."Okay girls once more!" I hear Ava call from across the gym. The girls get into formation and the opening lyrics of ''We run the night'' by Havana Brown comes blasting through the room.

"Havana Brown, Red One, Mr. Worldwide" the girls roll backwards into a line

"From Miami Morocco to Australia To the world" the girls to flips out of the line and form two seperate lines across the room from each other. Theres about 14 on each side.

"Run em like run em run em whoop!"

The girls started doing flips, Ava was at the front clapping and screaming. "One, Three, Five, Seven, Abby go, Drea go, backhandsprings, front walkovers! Brittany back tuck, Sarah fornt tuck, cartwheels center, seven, eight! Formation..... five, six, seven, eight,.

"When the sun goes down,down,down" The girls then start with there hands above there heads bringing them down with Ava counting "One,Two,Three!

"Boy you afraid of the dark"

"And when the light goes out out out out tell me do you know where to satrt start"

"And when the bass gets loud loud loud" On the three louds the girls did little sassy movements with there hips. It was actually kinda of sexual for a whole bunch of junior high girls. But it was a cute dance.

"That i when I feel apart apart" the girls got in six groups with the little ones in the middle. The taller girls on the outside they linked arms and through the tiny ones in the air. They kicked there leg in mid air and spun around landing perfectly back in the arms.

"we run yes we run the night"

"we run yes we run the night''

"we-we-we run we-we-we run''

"we run yes we run the night"

The girls the held one of there feet and lifted them high in the air the girls kicked there other leg high and held it in the air by there head.

"run em like run em run em whoop." the girls get back in formation and finish there dance.

"run em like run em whoop.....whoop....whoop" The song ends with the girls sprawled across the floor.

"good job girls now remember on measure 18 "from the bottom of the map Miami" She sang in her beautiful voice I started ealking over to her. "its booty pop snap and fold. Ready go. Booty pop snap and fold. Good job ladies."

Avas POV

"Good job ladies. Now I want.. "

"AHHHHHHHH!!!" All the girls go into hestaria

"OMG, Harry Styles!!"

"Ava Holy shhh OH OM GOD!!!" Most of the girls just called me Ava

I turn around and see a curly haired boys with a cheeky smile.

"Hey" he says bending over so he could kiss my cheek. I blush.

Another round of screams run through the girls. "Hey girls listen if you focusand show Ava here that you can do that routine perfect I'll take pictures with each one of you." The girls squel and get into formation.

They finish perfectly. "Wow girls that truly is the best I'v seen so far."

"Ok." Harry says "I guess that means I have to take pictures." The girls let out ear piercing screams and bring me there phones. They get in lines and Harry spends an hour signing autographs taking pictures and kissing cheeks.

One of my oldest girls Brittany comes up to. "Ava your so lucky to have Harry as you boyfriend I love him." "Boyfriend?" I ask. "Yeah he said you were his girlfriend." I look up  and Harry winks at me.



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