Starbucks kiss

Ava lives with her roommate victoria. She makes a run to starbucks when she runs into one directions Harry Styles.


1. Starbucks run

A.N. this is my first story posted on her so i hope you guys like it.


Avas POV.....

'Vicky im leaving now!' You yell from your room. Victoria was down stairs watching cartoons on the couch. 'Kay, get me a strawberry smoothie.' You walk out the door you were wearing your black yogapants and a pink sweater. you liked pink on you it made your dirty blonde wavy hair which was in a messy bun and blue eyes stand out. You had just left the apartment buildings and were walking around the parking lot to your car unlocking the door.                                               

"Would he say hes in l.o.v.e well if it was me then i would, i would.''I was getting a call from Vicky I had just left the house and already she was calling me.

"OMG!!! guess wat?" I could tell she was excited.

I smile knowing that she wouldn't care if I asked or not she was gonna tell me.


"One direction is on tour here for three weeks."

"Oh thats awesome! Too bad we dont  have tickets to their concert."

"Yeah, but therer be near her so thats cool.''

"Listen i just left the parking lot and theres really bad traffic i gotta go."

I hung up and turned on the street heading towards Starbucks. I loved Vicky but sometimes she go so excited bout what one direction what they were doing where they were performing. The only reason i liked them so much was cause she made me sit on the couch when we were in high school listen to every song an watch every interview. The other reason was Harry Styles; his hair, his eyes, his cheeky smile I loved him. Eventually I found my self fangirling and watching interviews by myself. I pulled into Starbucks and got out of the car. I grabbed my wallet and walked through the parking lot. My phone beeped and i opened the text it was from the XIF the place where i taught hip hop and cheer to younger girls.

" Hey Ava sorry but the cheer and hip hop got bumped from 2:00 tomorrow to 2:00 today. sorry for the inconvience  -XIF managment Cindy."

Great now i had to work today. I looked up and saw a crowd of people screaming. What the heck was going on? I looked down and started to text Vicky telling her i had to work today. When i bumped into a curly haired boy and dumped his drinks all over the ground. " Oh my gosh im so sor.... No freaking way." Harry Styles stood in front of me looking at the mess on the ground. "Im really sorry" I said following his eyes. " No worrys love, I have to go back in and get Niall some muffins anyway." He said looking at his phone smiling. And maybe you'll let me buy you a drink." "Um sure that sounds great." good job Ava don't start fangirling. I congradulated myself. He led the way inside and we gave the drink orders to the waitress and Harry paid.

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