falling in love with the harries boys

when two best friends move to London together for uni they end up meeting the one and only harries brother. they had watched their videos on youtube. but what happens when the boys fall in love with the girls and the girls fall in love with the boys will they live happily ever after or will they end up heart broken?


1. unpaking

anejlika's p.o.v

i woke up to the sound of my alarm i groaned and turned it off. i looked around my empty room. you are probably thinking why is it empty well me and my twin sister Brooke decided to go to uni in London and we bought our own flat. i decided to get out of bed and get ready since today was a busy day unpacking our things since we didn't get in till late last night and just went to bed.

after laying there for what seemed like forever i got up and went to get ready. i looked through my suit case looking for something to wear. after searching i found leggings and a hipster please sweatshirt that i loved. i pulled my hair into a bun and went to get something to eat.

when i walked into the kitchen i saw brooke already unpacking.

i decided to help her and unpack as well.


3hrs later

after many hours and finding a place for all out things we were finally finished and thought we deserved a Starbucks break. so i slipped on my hot pink vans and grabbed my wallet heading out.


brook's p.o.v

i woke up feeling the excitement bundle up in me. knowing that i was now in London living here with my twin sister but she wasn't only my sister she was my best friend.

i got up early and got ready. i took a quick shower and picked out my outfit which consisted of skinny jeans a navy blazer and a cute white lace tank top.

i started to unpack and soon anjelika came out and helped me unpack.

when we were done anjelika suggested we go for star bucks so we headed out.

 when we were at star bucks my phone buzzed meaning i had an email. i checked i looked up at anjelika who seemed to have the same expression as i did.

"did you get the email" i asked she nodded excitingly

"omg i cant believe we were invited to vid conn is this for real right now omg" i said squeling.

oh and did i mention that me and anjelika make youtube videos.

we had just hit 100,00 subscribers so we were really excited but we didnt know that this would happen.

when we got home we danced around not caring how we looked.

i was so happy that we moved to london and i have a feeling this is going to be the best timee ever



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