Everything Changes

Amy Rite has known Niall Horan all her life. He promised he he would never change, even going into X-Factor. But he did, he did change. And that ruined both of their lives.


1. My First 18 Years

**AMY'S P.O.V.**

My first 18 years were spent with my next door neighbor. My boyfriend. We dated until he applied for X-Factor and, he got in.

He broke up with me the day after his audition. He told me "He needed to focus on his career."

I remember that day perfectly. Last year.

He kissed my cheek and said: "I love you, Amy. Don't forget that. Nothing will change. We will keep in touch, I promise."

He lied.

I haven't talked to him since he became a big boyband with One Direction.

He has admitted to 'crushing' on other celebrities, but he has never mentioned me.

Me. His first love. I have known him since I was one.

I've been there for him through thick and thin.

I still am.

But he doesn't know that.

I have texted him, called him, and even asked his parents about him, but it always ended with an "I'm busy", or an "I'm tired". So I stopped trying.

I've gone on with my life. But I've never had another boyfriend. I've never forgotten Niall Horan. Not the one everyone wants to date, but the one who has been my bestfriend forever, until now.

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