Love At First Sight

Note: This actually is true,I did like someone...Then I had a dream about him and i decided to turn it into a fanfic lol:)

Caitlin is your average teenager. School,work,eat,sleep,and all that. She isn't one of those popular girls,she thinks they're to 'stuck up.' On a normal day in science(her least favourite subject) She couldn't focus,her parents wanted to adopt a child,but she didn't know it'd be the guy she completely hated! He was one of those popular guys girls would swoon over.


1. Science Class

I walked into class to be exact. I HATED science. My teacher throws to much homework at us! "Please take out last nights homework." Mrs.Kennedy said. I opened my folder and took out the sheet of paper. "We had homework?!" Dylan whispered to me. "Yeah." I replied though I wasn't quite surprised he didn't know,he had fallen asleep yesterday. "Here,Dylan take mine. I made an extra copy...I kind of figured you wouldn't do the homework...I mean you were asleep." I heard a voice say behind me. I turned around and saw David. The most popular guy ever. He smiled at me and I just rolled my eyes. "Dylan." Mrs.Kennedy said. "Where's your homework?" David ran off to his seat and before that he dropped his copy of his homework. "Thank you." She squinted her eyes at both of us. I handed my homework in and heard my phone buzz. From Mom: Me and your father won't be home after school. We'll be home late at night okay?:) To Mom: Okay...but why?' 'From Mom:- Before I could read it,Mrs.K took my phone away. "Caitlin. Class isn't a time for's a time for learning." "I know....but I had to......ask If it was okay if I could stay after school..." "Sure you were....see me after class..." She walks away with my phone and I slump in my chair. This is gonna be a long day. ~ Later That Night ~ After I completed my homework I decided to check my phone. From Mom: It's a surprise.... Ugh. I hate surprises sometimes. Especially ones from my mom. So I decided to watch tv. Eventually,I fell asleep.
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