Summer 0'9

In the summer Chloe goes to England with her best friend to live with her famous dad who abandoned her and her mom when she was just a little kid. She soon hates living with him as her and her friend rent a apartment to spend the rest of there summer in London. She then meets a boy named Justin as she soon falls deeply in love with him. How will their relationship turn out? read and you"ll find out.


1. Football game

Chapter One Chloe's Pov:

"Chloe let's go!" i heard someone yell downstairs. "five more minutes, i swear!" i shouted back. Tonight me and my friend Lauren were going to see my boyfriend Justin play in an all star football game. "Ready!" i yelled to Lauren as i climbed down the stairs and Lauren and i headed out the door, got into the car and headed towards the arena.

I had a bit of regret going only because i knew Louis Tomlinson was playing in the football match too. I know what your thinking, wouldn't i die to see him and all the boys? No, not at all. Famous people were the death of me.

When i was just a little baby my own father abandoned me and my mom and flew to the UK. leaving my mom when she was only 18. As i grew up, Me and my mom were fighting debt and we had to live in a shoebox apartment. My father then came in contact with me and said he was sorry for everything he did. My mom forced me to come out here and visit but i made her let me bring Lauren. I flew all the way out here and he was nothing but rude and mean.

He wasn't sorry at all. I then found out he was a famous Football player, he introduced me to a few of his famous friends. They were just like my dad. Cared about no one but themselves. So i told him i didn't want to live with him anymore so me and Lauren rented an apartment in London. We then explored the city more and more as i met Justin and feel for him desperately.


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