A game of defined destinies

A war has raged in the northern areas of the world lately. It is the Kluthidauch Trio against the Nordics in this treacherous war, but what are they fighting over? Simply just Jutland, the biggest region in Denmark. Denmark however is worried for a small district in the north of Jutland, which if they lose, will be taken over. In fear, he sends his sibling to England to be in safety untill the war has raged down


4. Forced into war

Chapter: Forced into war

<Focus on Greenland>

Greenland shrugged the cold feeling that someone was watching her off of her thoughts. She was in Denmark's house, having the room Vendsyssel had before she went off. Denmark had her staying here because that he really didn't trust that Faroes could defend himself, and would probably get taken over, but she doubted. But anyways, Denmark decided that if he lost Faroes, he wouldn't let Greenland go by herself and get taken over. Her territory was much money worth because of recent oil findings, and the world had had an eye on the icy nation for a while now. She still could feel the same feeling, but instead of ignoring it, she chose to look around to make sure she is alone, with sitting downstairs and watching the news. Suddenly a crash was heard, and for moments she could hear glass shattering everywhere from Denmarks locations, followed by large thumps of foot steps. She thought it was the rage of her thumping heart that caused the footsteps to sound louder and faster, but it wasn't. The air was chilling as she searched for an exit from the house, but with the rate of the feet thumping harshly on the ground coming closer and closer, she began panting from being mortified for the first time in an extremely long time, until she saw her method of escaping. The window. She ran over to it, and it was locket tightly. Longing for the open streets of Copenhagen, she took a bottle nearby a old table in the same colour as a rusty steel pipe, with a few scratches around the edges near the wall. In utter fear she continued slamming the bottle agaisnt the window, urging harder and harder to see the smallest sign of a crack. The bottle shattered, but the window stood with few scratches. She got tired of it and used all of the strength, and then she heard it. The footsteps were in the room next to her, and Denmark was screaming from downstairs. She panicked. She took the goggles on her head on in a swift and fast movement, and hit the window a last time. She'd been spotted from the sound of the shattering window, and with that she jumped out of the window. The palms of her hands had grabbed hold of a few glass shards, but she ran on. She almost gave up when she saw Denmark running out of the house, but froze in fear when she heard him scream at her. "DU VOVER PÅ AT STOPPE! LØB VIDRE, DE RØVHULLER SKAL IKKE HAVE DIG!" Was his continuos panicked screeches running through the streets of Copenhagen. She understood fully and ran on over the roof tops, and at last she'd run so far that she began seeing the fleeing civilians of the capital. The roofs were growing smaller and smaller and at last she landed in the streets, and to her horror laid already hundreds of citizens dead or injured in the streets. The thought of not being able to help them all sickened her deeply, until she couldn't take it anymore. The sickening feeling made her fall down, and in all of the exhaustion she passed out. Before she closed her eyes that were begging her to shut them tight and give in to her drowsiness, she heard a faint scream from the distance coming from Denmark. She finally gave in and fell unconcious. When she woke up, she was tied to a chair with a massive headache and then realized who stood in front of her. "You don't have anything to say in this matter, right now you are forced into this war." His voice was raspier than usual, and not as inviting and friendly as it used to. Now it was cold and dark, but she knew who he was anyways.


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