A game of defined destinies

A war has raged in the northern areas of the world lately. It is the Kluthidauch Trio against the Nordics in this treacherous war, but what are they fighting over? Simply just Jutland, the biggest region in Denmark. Denmark however is worried for a small district in the north of Jutland, which if they lose, will be taken over. In fear, he sends his sibling to England to be in safety untill the war has raged down


2. Faroes the sailor

The ship was sailing away from the docks, and Vendsyssel knew that now it was too late to turn around. It was going to have a stop on the Faroes, so of course he came along on the ship. His sister was standing beside the rails of the ship alongside England and spoke about something he really couldn't make out. Faroes sighed, and looked back into the ocean. 'Damnit Denmark' he thought grimly and tried glancing deeper down into the dark sea. He always had to get himself involved in a war. Maybe it wasn't his fault, after all it was his sister. Even though she's really bossy and quiet, she's still a fun person to be with. But of course, all theese damn wars just have to happen. He'd escaped it with an excuse he didn't even think Denmark'd fall for. Faroes doesn't have his own military, so he basically tricked him. It shouldn't have been that easy to fool him when they share military, but he was damn sure that he wasn't going to give Denmark his money so he could go out in a full-out war on the Kluthidauch's; mostly Germany. But of course it was that greedy german bastard's fault that this war even started. His attention grew deeper into the water as he noticed something different about the sea. It was still green, it had just tinted a tad lighter. It wasn't normal for something like this to happen. No matter what, this is technology and not magic. He sighed and took out what looked like an earpiece, and took it on. "Ja, fire the detectors up." He mumbled into the blank ocean, and the mechanical device replied with a slurred 'alright'. The sea was pretty calm for a while until he suddenly herd a small dunk out in the cold dark water. He grew a irratated frown on his face and dug his head into the palms of his hands with a groan. "Of course. They can't leave us to at least set me off at my own place. Fricken' inpacient idiots." He called out to everyone and saw them turn their gazes towards him. He informed them of what was going to happen, and got a lot of satisfied gazes from the crew and a nod from Vendsyssel. He ran down to meet England at the rails of the ship, apparently wondering what he could do. Faroes stood and thought for a while until he herd a large bump come from down in the water. He sighed, but luckly got an idea as well. "Time to use that imagination you call wide." He muttered loud enough for England to understand, and then ran away to the front of the railing, and climbed onto it. As he looked upon the sea, he saw millions of Kluthidaurich soldiers nearing the ship, and felt a sudden feeling of deep anger inside. 'So it wasn't just Denmark who wanted to stop us, those bastards' he thought grimly at the thought of them being so tactic and sudden in this war. It wasn't going to end soon, so he quickly though up a plan. He ran into a crate on the deck, and quickly blocked the enterance to it so he wouldn't be too suspicious. There was a tiny hole he could peek out of, and to his luck was the jackpot-target. America was standing right in front of the crate. Faroes waited till the right moment, and then burst out of the crate knocking America over, and yelling around to the hidden crew that had set up traps as well. To his satisfaction, he saw a glare from America, very annoyed one as well. He suddenly herd taps and saw Vendsyssel running past him, as well as throwing a single of the bolts on America, stunning him. "Just ta' make it easier for ye', bror!" She giggled with an bratty tone and rushed again. "Heh, you're such a douche." He couldn't help but laugh at his big sister, who still seemed to have the Denmark he knows in her spirit. She acted immature like him a bit often even if she didn't want to be like Denmark, that didn't need to help her in her endless wish to make people stop mistaking her. America seemed to be moving after a while, so it couldn't help getting him unconcious. Faroes stood and thought for a while and kept noticing America could move more and more of his limbs, and so an idea struck him. He lifted America over his shoulders, ran to the railing of the ship, and threw him into the water. His plan had suceeded when he saw the Kluthidaurich soldiers jumping off the ship to go and rescue their leader, agaisnt his protests of being able to get up himself. Faroes quickly orded the captain to sail his ship away as fast as possible, as he saw England returning from the other ship. He had gone there to disable their motor so they'd have a huge step forward in getting back to his islands, and it struck him. What was he going to do if anyone tried to force him onto their side? If they did that they could take parts of the danish military with them easily, so he made thought about that for some time as they were approaching the island of which his capital Tórshavn laid on. And as he said farewell to his sister, an idea struck him. He could just be sending patrol ships out to make sure that all enemies didn't even get the chance to near his home, but that also meant he had to attack Denmark because of his continuos denial of joining the war. Maybe he'd be more kind on the nordics, who knows? For now all he knows is that he was going to remain neutral, no matter if Denmark forced him not to be. He was Faroes. Faroes the sailor.

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