When i met you

When Hallie runs away from her rapist boyfriend logan, she hides at Nandos and awaits her brothers aid, but she drops her phone and is noticed by One Direction and is invited into the life of the boyband. (warning, not all 1D related and may get very graphic at points. you will be warned in the story about these, not recomended for ages under 12)


7. The appointment

" hey babe" Niall said, wrapping his arms around my waist as i was fixing some eggs. " Hey" i replied " so what are we doing today." i asked " well, today is tuesday, so 'triple harmony' has an appointment with Simon,  probably record about 6 or so songs,  go for dinner, and then well come back." he answered. " sounds great. Niall, get the toast babe" I said as the toast popped out of the toaster. " sure thing love" he obeyed.

he took the toast out of the toaster and took a big bite of it. " niall, your not suppoesed to eat that yet!!" I scolded him playfully " sowwe" he pouted, took my hand, and spit the toast out into my palm. " thanks niall" I said, washing off my hand in the sink. " your welcome love" he whispered into my ear. " your horny arent you?" I asked " yep, just a little" " well we might take care of that when we get back tonight." I purred. " hmmmmmm" he purred back, as if thinking about it. " Children, get a room, i want breakfast" Harry scolded us as he came into the kitchen. "breakfast will be ready after i remake the toast" i said. glaring at Niall.


~ 5 hours later ~


" And thats a wrap girls. Your first album will be out in 2 weeks, and you will be able to tour with the boys on the take me home tour." Simon told us. I was so excited i ran into the door coming out to tell Niall the good news.  Niall ran and helped me up as i told him the news. He was frozen in what i thought was enjoyment. " No, i, i cant let you go with us on the tour, i just cant Hallie, im sorry." and he walked away, out of the studio, and disappeared.

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