Wide Open Spaces

Anna expected to be all alone this summer on the farm while her parents went on a long trip around the world. But what she didn't expect was that she'd be accompanied by all of One Direction--and fall in love with Harry.


1. Big Announcement

I thought that Mom and Dad were inviting me on an EXCITING trip this summer when they called me into the living room to discuss a summer trip, but it turned out to be the opposite.

I sat down on the rocking chair and looked out at the fields of corn outside the window. "Anna," Mom said. "We have decided to go on a trip around the world this summer!"

Around the world?! I was psyched! "No way!" I screamed.

"Although we are not quite sure if you'd really wanna go," Dad told me.

Why wouldn't I?

"We're going to be studying factories in different cities," Dad continued. "Pencil factories, actually. Remember, because we've been accepted to work at Bic this summer?"

I was stunned. Going around the world to study PENCIL FACTORIES?

"But we've decided to give you the option of going," Mom said.

My eyes shot up at her. "Really?"

"Yes," she replied. "If you'd like to go, you're more than welcome! But we understand if you don't want to go, so you can stay here by yourself, if you're okay with that."

Staying by myself all summer? FINALLY I get to do something adult-like! But it would be lonely...

"Yes!" I answered. "Thank you!"

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