~Nobody compares~

Tori is just an average teenage girl, working in a small coffee shop with a boss that is a jerk. When she runs into teen heartthrob Harry styles, he doesn't get the normal reaction he expects from her, which makes him like her even more. Read to find out what she does, and the risks she takes throughout the story. Is it worth it in the end, does she do the right thing? Or does she risk it all for nothing?


9. Wrong window...

About ten minutes later I heard my mom fussing. "Who is throwing things at my window!" She shouted. I got up and went over to her room. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Listen!" She said pointing towards her bedroom window. She crossed her arms and glared at me. It sounded like rocks were being thrown at it. She went over and opened the window and laughed. "So its you hitting My window! I'm too old for you, sweetie." She laughed. "Is this that Harry boy?" She whispered to me. I ran over and looked out the window and he smiled at me. "Harry! What are you doing here?!" I asked him. "I really didn't want to miss out on our date. Please come!" He pleaded. "I'll go let him in" mom said. "No mom! Well....uhh.....I guess" I said. I ran into my room and changed back into the dress and heels, because I knew I had no way of getting out of it this time. Besides, he already knew I was at home, and didn't have plans. I slipped on my heels and walked downstairs to see my mom and Harry talking at the front door. His back was facing me and as soon as my mom made eye contact with me Harry turned around. "W-woah" he said. He looked me up and down, making me feel even more awkward. "S-stop Harry" I said in a playful way, even though I really did want him to stop staring at me. You could almost feel the tension in the room. "Uh yeah, I'll leave you to it" my mom said slipping out of the room. "You look beautiful" Harry said. Wow, I never thought that would come out of his mouth. "Thanks" I mumbled. "So your gonna come?" He asked me grinning. "Yeah I guess, just promise it won't be all over the Internet when I get home" I said and laughed. "It won't, but no promises" he grabbed the door as we walked out.
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