The Story Of Two

The Lips Of Fate Touch Everyone,But This Is The Story Of Two....Jeremy and Tabitha, two people who would have never met if Jeremy hadn't been running late. Jeremy, lost in thought, runs into Tabitha, who wasn't watching where she was going. They fall in love at first sight, they don't realize this. Tabitha's ex-boyfriend, Faust, kidnaps her. Jeremy is a suspect until they get a tip from Faust's assistant, Mark, who is forced to help Faust.


12. No Promises

Faust's POV

I leave her thair. Bitch. I sit on the first floor and wait for Mark to show up. He finaly walks in. I growl "What took so long?" He shrugs and sets a backpack on the table "I got suplies." I nod to the stairs "Go take care of her. Tie her to the bed and be careful when you open the door." he nods understanding and walks up the stairs with the bag. The sun starts to shine. I sigh and lean the chair back, I close my eyes and deside to take a catnap...


Tabitha's POV

I hear foot steps before I see them on the other side of the door. Slowly the door opens and in walks Mark. I sigh in releaf. "Good, I thought you were Faust." He nods and shuts the door. He wishperes "Ok,I bought you a phone, but DO NOT let Faust get it, under stand?"I nod He pulls it out and hands it to me. "Sorry, but I have to tie you to the bed, so be fast." I nod and think about who to call. I call the operator. "Hello? Who can I derect you to?" A female voice askes

"Um Jeremy Quincy please."

"Hold on a sec darling." She says

Music starts playing and suddenly the phone is ringing. On the forth ring Jem picks up "Hello?" He sounds tired.

"Jeremy? It's Tabitha. Listen, don't talk. Faust kidnapped me. Do not call me back because the guy that is helping him gave me a phone. He isn't helping by free will. Listen, I don't know where we are so I am going to give you to Mark." I hand the phone to Mark. He takes it and gives the address. he hands me the phone.

"I will kill the bastard!" Jem says

"Shh, I am ok. I will stay ok. I want that date you promised." I shut the phone and turn it off. I wipe my wet cheaks and relise I was crying. I sit on the bed so Mark can tie me down, like I could go anywere. "You love him dont you?" Mark askes it so quietly I don't think I heard it. I sniffle and say "Yeah, I guess so. I do love him."

I lay back on the bed and cry my sorrows into the pillow behind my head, Mark says "I will come back later, Faust might come up-" he swallows heavily "To, you know......." he gestures and I nod "Ok, bye." He shuts the door quietly and tromps down the stairs. I watch the light under the door move until my eyes hert, I need an escape plan. I shutter and think what he might do to me if I stay here.

I fall asleep with a plan half formed. I am awakened by the door opening and Faust stepping in. I sit up quickly and he smiles evilly. "I hope you rested well?" I nod and ask "When am I getting to go home?" He shakes his head and steps forward and strokes my cheek, I fight the instinct to jerk away.........but I know better. He leans closer and whispers "You can leave when you are dead or married to me." He shouts the last words and jerks my head back. I grind my teeth in pain and tears leak from the corners of my eyes. He tsks like I am a knotty childe. He leans close and finishes "Which ever you choose." He steps back and put s out on hand "Body bag and in pieces" He holds out his other hand "Married to me." He grins and grabs me again "Seems an easy chose." He kisses me and splits my lip because he bites to hard. He pulls back and licks my blood off his lip. "Mm mm, tastes like you." He keeps smiling and wipes the blood from my lip with a thumb and walks from the room.

I spit on the floor where he was standing and then I start to cry again. Not to later Mark walks in, he silently hands me a towel and lets me into the adjoining bath room. He says "Just a little longer, earlier a few cop cars drove by and slowed down. Faust was asleep so I went out side and gave them an update, they said no later than 3 days. They need a warrant." I swallow and say sadly "I may not make 3 days." He nods, understanding. I take a very quick shower and use the toilet. At least I have better accommodations here than in a barn.

I walk out of the bathroom drying my hair to see a microwave meal at a small folding table. Mark grins like a little boy "I was hopping we could eat together, I need someone sane to talk to." I nod and sit down. We eat in silence, after I finish I say "I never thanked you for helping me, Thank you Mark, really, thank you." He nods and asks "How did you and Faust meet anyway?" I look at the door and start quietly

"We were in the same class in our last year of collage. The last day of school he asked me out. I was going out with Sam Hawkins, but during the autumn Sam got accepted to a football team up in Michigan or something. I got kind of lonely so I called Faust and asked if he still wanted that date, he practically jumped out of the phone to come get me. We went out for a few years and he asked me to marry him, I said no. He flipped out and started stalking me until a few weeks ago, when he went off grid. Then suddenly I am kidnapped." I shrug and give him a 'I honestly have no clue' look. He shrugs back and packs up the table, chairs and food remains. He ties me to the bed again and whispers "Just survive the next few days, for the both of us?" I nod and he leaves me alone in the dark. I fall into terrible dreams.....


Jeremy's POV

I sit up and answer the phone, after a man gives me directions I whisper to the silence "I will kill him." I jump up and get dresses, Thank God I had a recorder set up to my phone recently (after the cops decided I was a suspect.) and it got the conversation. I pop the tape out of the recorder, throw on some jeans and run out the door. At the step I throw my shoes on my feet. I lock the door and sprint to my car. I start it up and break multiple laws on my way to the police station.

I run inside. I yell "Captain!" Jake Foundling comes running "What? Why are you-" I cut him off and say "Tabitha called me, I recorded our conversation. But, before I give it to you, I need full immunity for anything I said in the conversation." Jake nods and snaps, a paper pusher jumps forward. "Fill out the paper Frank. Jeremy, you got your immunity, give me the tape." Frank nods and runs off. I nod and toss him the tape. He runs into the main room and puts it in a tape deck. I fallow. He plays it.

"Hello?" I say tiredly into the phone

"Jeremy? It's Tabitha. Listen, don't talk. Faust kidnapped me. Do not call me back because the guy that is helping him gave me a phone. He isn't helping by free will. Listen, I don't know where we are so I am going to give you to Mark." She talks hurriedly, their is a noise like they pass the phone from hand to hand.

"We are at a run down building in the warehouse district. 84 Kipling Road, we are in the whole building. Tabitha is in a locked room on the 4th floor. A window is across the hall from her door. Faust has set up camp on the first floor. The whole front wall is glass." He passes the phone back.

I'm up next."I will kill the bastard!" I cringe but all the cops nods, one says "I'll give you a gun." Jake shushes them.

"Shh, I am ok. I will stay ok. I want that date you promised." She hangs up. I hear some sigh. Jake looks at me. He smiles "We got the bastard. Ok, I want swat, bomb squad and everything we got at that address by Wednesday, no chances. Stay hidden get as much info you can, look out for this Mark guy. He is on our side. No shooting Faust, I want him to rot in jail." They all nod and run to get ready. Jake walks over to me.

"Be careful. We need time to get more Intel, so be patient. We will get her out alive." I nod but ask "But what about in one piece?" He shakes his head. "Physically, we hope so, mentally...Well, no promises."

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