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Harry and the boys are on break from their tour, having fun and relaxing. But when beautiful and confindent Jenna tumbles through his window one night, everything changes. She takes him on an adventure of a life time and shows him a love he's never expirienced.


10. Bonfire

Jenna's POV

"How should I do my hair for tonight? down or up?" I turned to face Elody. "Wear it up it brings out your eyes" Elody said, brushing out her hair. "Will you do a fish tail braid for me?" I asked. "Yea sure" she replied, already taking my thick brown hair into her hands.

"I wish you could come with us tonight" I sighed turning to speak to a burnt Katie...lets just say she went a little over board with the tanning oil and was now red as a lobster. She let out a moan, rubbing a coat of aloe on her arms. "Katie don't get it on the bed" I complained. "Stay still" Elody ordered tugging at my hair. Katie glared at me and continued rub the aloe on her arms. "Finished!" Elody said in delight. I walked over to the mirror to examine her work. "Thank you bebe" I smiled giving her a hug. I walked over to the closet and changed into my bathing suit, layering it with a white v'neck and shorts.

When I came downstairs Elody was waiting for me by the door. She had her hair down and straightened and was wearing hot pink shorts with a black top. "You ready?" she asked. I nodded quickly grabbing my Chesire sweatshirt in case it got cold. We stepped outside, the moon was already high in the sky and a warm breeze caressed my face, it was the perfect night for a bonfire.

We made our way down to the beach, once we got off the board walk we could see the fire in the distance. We strode towards it and as we got closer I could hear laughter coming from where the boys were.

"Ah right on time" Louis smiled as we approached the fire. Elody sat down next to Niall while I took a seat by Harry. "Glad you could make it" he said in his goreous husky voice. "You girls hungry?" Niall asked. We both nodded he handed us each marshmellows and sticks to roast them on. I popped mine on the stick and stuck it straight into the fire. "What are you doing? That is no way to roast a marshmellow" Harry exclaimed taking the stick from me. I raised an eyebrow at him and he sighed. "You can't just put it directly into the fire you have to let it slowly toast on the tips of the flames" Harry explained. "He's right" Liam said putting a marshmellow on his stick.

"Since when are you a marshmellow expert?" I giggled turning towards Harry. "It's a gift" Harry said in the same tone I had said it the other night. "Singer by day, marshmellow roaster by night" Harry countinued. We all started laughing, but Harry stayed focused on the marshmellow. "There now its perfect" Harry exclaimed pulling it out of the fire. "Catch!" he called tossing it at me. I caught in in my mouth with ease. I smiled in satisfaction at Harry's suprised face "Damn Jenna you got skills" Harry laughed. I glanced over at Elody and she wiggled her eyebrows at me, I mouthed at her to shut up. We all talked for awhile, I noticed that Harry seemed to be slowly scooting closer to me and I couldn't help but smile to myself.

"Anyone up for a late night swim?" Niall suggested. Everyone seemed in eager to get in the water. I slipped off my shirt and shorts casually tossing them onto the sand. We all ran together into the ocean. The moonlight reflected off the sea giving us a small amount of light. "Holy shit its cold!" I shreiked as the chilled water lapped at my waist, sending chills all over my body. Elody and I huddled together shivering in usion. "Aww their cold, this calls for a group hug!" Louis called gathering the boys around us. I felt Harry close in on my back, his strong arms wrapping around me. The rest of the boys joined and we all laughed as we stood there in one big clump. "Better?" Harry whispered into my ear.

"Much better" I responded. "Ok guys I'm getting a little claustrophobic lets open up the circle" Elody gasped. We stayed in the water for a little while longer splashing at each other and having competitions to see who could stay underwater the longest. We finally got out, trudging back up towards the bonfire which was still ablaze. We all sat back down in our previous spots, letting the fire warm our bodies. Elody Niall and Louis were having a conversation about something, the rest of us listened and occasionally chirped in on what they were talking about. Beside me Harry began laughing at something Niall said that I hadn't heard. I looked up at him and studied his face, brightened now and then my the flickering flames.

I thought back on the night we had gone out, we were walking back from the beach towards our condo's. Harry walked me up to my door, I was about to go inside when he said "to get to know you" I turned around with a confused look on my face, he then countinued "Earlier in the car you asked me what I wanted to do and my answer is to get to know you".

Harry was still laughing at what Niall had said, his green eyes squinting with delight. Right then reality came flooding into my body. Here I was sitting next to the famous Harry Styles, and not only was I sitting with him, but for the past few days we had been hanging out. Out of all the girls in the world he had said he wanted to get to know me. I tiny smile creeped up on my lips and I moved a little closer to him, resting my head on his shoulder. He lifted his hand, smoothening in over my hair multiple times before smiling down at me and giving me a small peck on my cheek.


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