Is This Love?

When Olivia Maxwell moves to Doncaster, Yorkshire, she leaves everything behind. There was only one reason to stay. Louis Tomlinson. When she leaves I unexpectedly, will she regret it for the rest of her life?

inappropriate language and sexual content.

Please leave feedback as this is my first fanfiction. :)


1. Introduction.

"Pass me another box, Liv", I hear my brother call from upstairs.
I sigh to myself as I pull my long brown curls into a messy bun on my head and carefully reach down for another large cardboard box.
I'm Olivia Maxwell and I've just moved here, to Doncaster, with my mother and my older brother, Anthony, after my father died last month. Mum said moving to a new town would be 'fun' and would be a 'fresh start'. I said that was bull shit. I was happy back in Enfield, where I was born and raised. I had amazing friends, a gorgeous boyfriend and my life was perfect. That was, until mum had to ruin it and drag me and my brother to the other side of the country for some shit reason. Now I'm stuck here. With no friends. No one. Nothing.
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