one direction preferences

one direction preferences. leave info and i will make you one :). <3


1. Where you meet



Your at your new job in a coffee shop. Suddenly a boy with brown curly hair walks up to you and you suddenly realize who he is, you gasp as he reaches you, ''sorry love but i just wanted to ask? Did it hurt when you fell from heaven''. (Thats how you met)



You were at you favorite restaurant ''Nandos''. You were happily eating your chicken when someone walked up to you, ''excuse me love'', the person says in an Irish accent. You'd know that accent from anywhere. You look up to see Niall Horan standing in front of you, ''may i have your number gorgeous''. (Thats how you met)



You were at a signing. When you finally get up to the boys, your eyes land on Liam, he's your favorite out of the whole band. He quickly notices you and smiles. Before you know it, your in front of him, ''hey love whats your name'', he asks, ''(y/n)'', you say blushing, ''well (y/n), what if i told you, that i wanted you''. (Thats how you met)



You were walking down the street. Thinking what it would be like if you were not single, '' man i wish i could just be pretty enough to get a boy'', you shout, throwing your hands in the air, ''you are pretty and i could change that'', a voice says from behind you, you quickly turn around to see Zayn Malik standing in front of you, ''so will you, be my girl''. (Thats how you met)



You were at the fair with your friends, you and them were having so much fun, that is until they ditched you. You just walked around the fair, tears flying down your face faster than race cars, but you didn't care, you were lonely. As you turn the corner you slam into someone, ''omg im so sorry'', you say and then realize who it was, ''no it's my fault. Hey you ok'', he says, ''ya just a little lonely'', you say, ''well i can change that''. (Thats how you met)

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