Thanks to the Robbers

Ebbony and her cousin Steph finished college and they move to London. They have a flat that they both share and two robbers break in to their house and kidnap them and take them somewere far.Thanks to the robbers two one direction boys come to the rescue but who and what are there true feelings for these girls in need of help.Read to find out. (keep in mind that im new to this and its my first story so please no critisism thanks)


9. The Nightmare


It was late and i had barely put Ebbony on my bed .She was sound asleep since i didnt want to leave her alone in my room i decided to sleep in the floor.I then closed my eyes and fell asleep for like what seemed like an hour only to be awaken by Ebbony screaming but she was still asleep.


NO PLEASE ILL DO ANYTHING JUST PLEASE DONT TOUCH ME NO NO NO !!!!!!!!!I sudenly felt two arms wrap around me i woke up and screamed in terror i tried to pull away luckly i did but i ended up falling off the bed and onto the hard floor.I was so scared i didnt know were i was i didnt reconize it at all"Ebbony Ebbony are you ok?"i heard someone say in a deep husky voice at first i didnt reconize it until he turned on the lights and thats when i saw that it was Harry.I ran to him in tears i hugged him really tight i didnt want to let go of him in his arms for some reason i felt so save."Ebbony Ebbony are you ok did you hurt your self you fell pretty hard."Harry said"Im ok i think im just so scared i thought it was happening again thats why i was yelling and thats why i pulled away from you its not that i dont like you its just that i thought i was getting raped."Ebbony love listen to me as long as im here with you i promise i will protect you form anything ok.""Ok Harry thats why you have always been my favorite from one direction i just think you are very cute when my cousin got me into you guys and when i first laied eyes on your face i was like thats going to be the father of my children but i dont think you feel the same way about me i bet you dont want to date a stupid ugly fat nobody like me." Ebbony do you really feel that way about me?""Actually yea i really do love you.""Me too.""You too what?""I also feel the same way i dont care if i have only known you for like 1 day i really fell head over heels for you i really really love you im glad you feel the same way.""Really you love me?""Yes Ebbony i do love you do you uhh maybe want to be my girlfriend?""Yes Harry i would love too!!"Then we were leaning to kiss but my lip had stitches so we couldnt kiss Harry looked kind of mad but insted he pulled me into a big hug."OWWWW!!!!!!"i screamed"What happen love did i hurt your lip?""No harry my wrist it really hurts OWWW?"Then Harry picked up my left wist and i yelled again."Babe i think you spang your wrist when you fell down the bed ill take you to the doctor tomorrow ok now its time for bed."I did as Harry told me and while i was getting on the bed Harry turned off the lights and got on the bed right next to me and he wrapped his hands around me and we fell asleep.

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