Nobody Compares To You

Amanda spends a week at her bestfriend Hannah's house when her parents go to Vegas. She has known Hannah and her brother Jake since she was 7 years old. During that week Jake and Amanda start bonding. Amanda is Insecure about herself and dosent know if its really love, while he is trying to convince her that he loves her more than anything.


1. 1.1


'Amanda, wake up and get down here!' My mother yelled in a sharp voice.

I threw on my pink and blue house coat and walked down the stairs into the kitchen to see my parents waiting to tell me something. I grabbed a cup off coffee and sat down. 

'Yes?' I said half asleep while sipping my black coffee while it was still hot. 

'Me and your Father are going to Vegas on Friday, and you need somewhere to stay while we're gone.' My mother said.

'Vegas? Why can't i go?' I said wondering while my mother was leaving me out.

'Sweetie, me and your father need some... Quality time together' She said.

'Okay, well why do i have to go anywhere, i can just stay here. Im sixteen years old Mum, I can look after myself'.' I said finishing up anouther sip of my coffee.

'Its not that we don't trust you it's just, Me and your mom think it would be better if you had someone to stay with, so we called Hannah's parents and they said it would be alright if you could stay there until next Friday' My father said.

'Okay so do i start packing?' I said putting my cup into the dishwasher.

'Yes' They both said together.

I spent the next day getting outfits picked, i always love going to Hannah's because she lived in the nicest area in town, So there we're ALOT of hot guys there. I curled my blonde hair and threw on my outfit. I tied up my black Converse shoes: OUTFIT HERE ---> 

I ran down the stairs with my bags. My parents dropped me off at hannahs and i went inside as here brother Jake welcomed me in.

'Hey, Amanda' He said with a smile.

'Hey, jake, wheres Hannah?' I asked.

'She had to leave for a bit, she should be back in an hour or so, Are you sleeping downstairs in the guestroom?' He asked while helping me with my bags.

'Oh I see, and the guestroom will be fine' I said as he lead me to the spareroom.

I placed my bags down on the bed, he did the same and walked out of the room. I've known Hannah and Jake since I first started elementary school. Hannah is in my grade while Jake is in grade Eleven. I unpacked my stuff. Then walked upstairs and sat beside Jake, we watched tv for a bit and had some small talk. It was very awkward because we hardly talk anymore, and i used to really like him a long time ago. But now its just weird.

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