Cheeky Love

Marly is a regular girl like everyone else she just graduated high school and her parents have this new job they are a tour mangers for a new client in England what will happen to Marley when she meets her parents new clients? Will the cheeky boy with curly hair win her over? Will they have "Cheeky Love"? Read to find out......


1. About Marley.. Then some(:

Hi my names Marly Smith I live in Atlanta Georgia with my parents Rebecca and Ryan Smith. My parents are public relations officer witch means they work with famous people helping plan tours and photo shoots and stuff like that. My life is pretty normal I'm 17 and a senior in high school. I have baby blue eyes and dark brown hair. My senior year is almost over it will be ending in about a week! I'm stocked well the biggest reason I am is because my mother and father have been hired at Psycho as public relations officer... They don't know who for yet though... But I don't care I'm moving to London in about 6 days !YAY! We went to London to set up our new house and get everything ready.OMG LET ME TELL ABOUT THAT HOUSE!!! It's so pretty it's a 3 stories and I'm on the top floor! The whole top floor is mine!! Haha I can't wait:D any way my room is a beautiful purple color with the softest carpet around my bed and dark wood floors everywhere else and a closet to die for! And the balcony dont even get me started so beautiful a great view of London! But I wouldn't get to stay at my beautiful house for long we have a tour to go on with my parents new client.. I still don't know who it is!....~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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