Summer Love

Lily and Niall have been together since she was 17. They are perfect, but somethings just don't last. Do you think they will stay together? Or will Lily fall for someone else in the band.


1. Chapter 1

"Stop, that tickles!"  I scream and giggle.
"Niall, my stomach is starting to hurt!" 
"I just love to see you smile though." He laughs.  His blue eyes are perfect and I lean in and kiss him.
"Whats that for?" He looks at me confused. 
"Because your you." He smiles and presses his soft lips against my cheek.  I get up and walk over to the kitchen and get water.
"So, what movie do you want to watch?"  
"Surprise me." 
"I asked you first!" I start laughing.
"Don't make me tickle you again Lily!" 
"You wouldn't." He gets up and grabs me around the waist and carries my to the couch over his shoulder"Niall let go!" I kick trying to escape. He drops me on the couch and holds me down and kisses me.
"So the movie?" He says smiling down at me.
"Lets not watch a movie, let's go get some food." 
"Alright, where do you wanna go?"  
"Anywhere, well what are you in the mood for?" I get up and put my glass in the sink.
"Ice cream sound good?" He looks over the couch at me.
"Yeah sounds perfect." I run up stairs really quick to my room grab my sweater and cheek my hair.
"Already babe?" He grabs his keys, and walks out. I rush to the door and lock my flat.
As we drive to the ice cream shop, Niall's phone goes off. I grab it, its from Liam. 
"Liam texted!" 
"Whats it say?" He takes a quick look at me then back to the road.
"It says: gangs going out tonight. You guys in?" 
"Well do you wanna go?" He drives into the parking lot and stops. 
"It sounds fun, I'm gonna ask where were going." 
We get out of the car and walk in and sit down at a table. A waitress walks over and asks what we want.
"I'll have a medium chocolate ice cream cone." I give Niall back his phone and the waitress looks at me.
"I will have a small vanilla cone, thanks." She puts her pen away and leaves.
"Liam texted back, says there going to a club. You still wanna go?" He looks up from the phone waiting for a reply. 
"Yeah let's go! I have been waiting to dance with my Irish darling." I smile and he blushes, and tells Liam were coming.  After we finish we get back to my flat and I get ready. I pick out a pink dress, with sparkles across the chest; and a pair of silver heals. I decide to curl my hair and quickly put on mascara and eyeliner. I walk down stairs to Niall watching t.v. 
"Ready?" Niall looks me up and down and gives a little whistle. I giggle and he gets up and scoops me off my feet and kisses me.
On our way to the club, Niall got a text from Harry saying his date ditched him. 
"Niall would you mind if I danced with Harry?" He looks over the car as we walk to the door.
"Sure, but if he kisses you...." I cut him off.
"I won't let him." He grabs me and kisses me. I hear whistling and screaming. Everyone was watching. I start to blush and we walk in.
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