The Luck of the Irish

Rachel has always had it tough. Close calls, devastating losses, and terrible encounters. But when she meets Niall he turns her life aroound in so many ways. But as the world continues to move she becomes conflicted in more ways then one. And she will be force to choose between two things she would never thought she would have to choose between.


1. The Airport

Rachel's POV

        "Flight 49, last call for flight 49!" screamed the British airport announcer.

    I looked down at my ticket 51, only two more flights to go then I will be in London. This was my first time out of the U.S. and being alone wasnt goning help me. Where do to pick up my luggage, where do I go to be pick up....all of a sudden my thoughts were interupted by screaming girls. There was a huge group of screaming girls crowded around the security clearence area.

       Finally after staring at the group for a while I saw a girl, about 12, run by me screaming "Oh my gosh it's One Direction, mum hurry!"

    One Direction. What are the chances of being in the same airport, let alone the same room. I looked up and saw, pushing through to get to the seating are, Niall Horan. My heart jumped and I could feel my face starting to get red. I regained myself but I could still feel my heart racing. I stared into his beautiful blue eyes, I could stare at his eyes alone for hours. While I was starring, he turned his head looking straight at me, that was when my heart stopped. Our eyes were lock for no more than two seconds, but I could swear it felt like two years. I quickly turned away though I could still feel him looking at me.

     "Flight 50, last call for flight 50!"

      50, one more to go, great just when I wanted to stay longer it was almost time to go. I looked back at him, all the girls were gone and her was now talking to Liam. I could just hear his thick Irish accent from across the room. I faintly heard him say ".....flight.....London" was he going to London too, were we on the same flight? And then I hear Liam say in his cute British accent "59". No we weren't. Oh well at least I could remember that moment looking into his eyes. Somthing that I never would forget.

     "Flight 51, flight 51!" well now I have to walk away from my dream guy. I gathered my stuff and headed toward the gate. I took one last look at Niall and as I did our eyes met again.

     "May I take you ticket?" the flight attendant asked happily. I took my gaze off of Niall and turned it to the flight attendant and handed her my ticket.

     As I walked through the tunnel I thought to myself, now I have two moments to hold on to. As i arrived at my seat I place my carry ons in the carrier above and sat down. As the plane took off and we finally reached crusing altitude I reached for my bag to get my phone out so that I could listen to music. I searched through my purse, not here....not there, then I hit me I don't remember picke my phone up off the chair when it fell out of my pocket while I was grabbing my things. I left my phone in the airport!

       "You are now free to move about the caben."


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