The Funny Poems

Laugh your head off while reading these poems as they take you for an adventure in funny land...


5. My Favourite- Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake, thats my style
Chocolate cake, good for awhile
Chocolate cake, it tastes so yummy
Chocolate cake, chocolate cake
Oh my Lord, my tummy aches

"Chocolate Cake"

I'm scoffing lots of chocolate cake,
But not quite as much as I'd like!
I'm wolfing it down with a whirl of my spoon,
and it's flinging up, down, left and right!

It's hitting the walls and spraying the floor,
It's covered up Bessie our cat.
There's crumbs in my hair and on mother's best chair,
And the window's one choclatey splat.

But faster and faster I shovel it up,
Not bothered I'm missing my chops.
As it drips from my nose and collects in my ears,
Gloops drop from nose and go plop!

Then too quickly it's gone, there just was not enough,
As I'd said at the start of this smasher,
With my greedy delight (sloppy cake on the lights),
Not one spot found its way past my gnashers!

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