Forgetting Your Name</3 *Completed*

Olivia is a girl with a secret from her past. Can she forget or will being a photographer for a big boy band bring it all back.
(a/n This is my first movella srry if its bad)


16. whats going on

I woke up to people yelling at each other. I walked downstairs where it was coming from and the people yelling at eachother were Zayn and Danielle. "Dont you ever lay a finger on Olivia!." "Fuck off Zayn! Shes a slut any ways!" "No she isnt she is a beautiful girl and you are just jealous!" Everyone else came running downstairs and as soon as Liam came down Danielle went all tear mode. "Olivia turned Zayn against me Laim" "Olivia really! Why do insist on trying to ruining my relationship." Ok about had enough and I blew. "Shut the fuck up Liam you dont even know what happend and for info I could careless about your realtionship but as soon as someone attacks me I do care." I didnt stick around to hear what he ahd to say I went upstairs packed all my belongings and left. "Olivia! Wait!" I heard Zayn and Louis coming. "What do you guys want!" "Dont leave we need you here." ''With little bitch in there. Hell no! She is ruining me! She has me cutting myself again. I cant do this." "Well where are you going to go." Zayn questioned. "I dont know yet. Maybe to a hotel" "Please dont go Olivia I need you." Louis said. He then hugged me as it started to pour down rain. Zayn took off the jacket he was wearing and protected me. "Well do you still want to go to a hotel" Louis asked "Yeah" "Alright Ill drive you to the closest one." "Thanks." We drove to the nearest hotel and they got me a room. "Thanks again." "Anytime." They said. They started to leave but I stopped them. "Can you guys stay just for tonight" "Yeah" THey stayed with me the whole night and I felt safer.

*Liam P.O.V."

Olivia screamed at me. Wow she was really mad. I was going to say somethhing bsck but she ran away. She was gone she packed up and left. "Danielle tell me what realy happened." "Oh Im staying to watch this." Madisynn said Niall tried to get her out but she refused. "I need to protect Olivia while she is not here." "Fine." Niall let go but stayed by her side. Harry went back asleep. "Now tell me what happened Danielle." "I was just sitting down here and I heard Zayn and Olivia talking and then he came down here and was attacking me." She was crying. "You little liar! Olivia was sleeping! I know that because I was talking to her." "Look at me baby Im telling the truth why would I lie to you." I didnt know who to believe. "I believe you love." "Thank you." We hugged "Are you fuckin kidding me you believe that bitch more than you believe Olivia. How do you do that Olivia has never hurt you and would never try to hurt you." Madisynn was screaming and that made Danielle cry. Niall took Madisynn upstairs. Danielle and I went to my room and fell asleep.

*Madisynn P.O.V.*

Niall pulled me upstairs. "That girl is a bitch and a liar and Liam is a fuckinm idiot!" "Madisynn tell me what happened." I told Niall everything. "Maisynn if it helps Ill try to convince Liam. He is just confused and love struck." "Thank you Niall" We snuggled up and fell asleep. I still was wondering where Olivia went.

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