Forgetting Your Name</3 *Completed*

Olivia is a girl with a secret from her past. Can she forget or will being a photographer for a big boy band bring it all back.
(a/n This is my first movella srry if its bad)


6. Ruined

There he was just sitting there. I looked over at Madisynn and she looked like she was going to murder him right then and there. I walked straight past him and went to the closet boy next to him. "Hello Im Olivia and Im your guys new photographer and this is my partner Madisynn." "Hello" " Hello loves Im Harry" said a curly haired boy "Hello Im Niall" said another he had sparkling blue eyes and an adorable Irish accent. "Hello Im Zayn" this boy was one of the cutest and had really interesting hair. "Hello Im Louis." this one had pretty blue green eyes. Ugh now it was his turn to introduce himself but i didnt listen instead i immediately said "So wheres my room?" I think it came out to needed cus they looked at *shiver* Liam. "Um Ill show you." Zayn said "and Ill show Madisynn to her room" Niall said We walked to our rooms without a single word. Niall had showed Madisynn her room which was a couple doors down from mine and Zayn showed me mine. "Thank you" "No prob. If you need any help you can just give any of us a call." "Ok." "Alright we will be right downstairs if you need us." "Alright Thank you again." He left and I bagan to unpack. How could he be here? I was suppose to get away from him but every time i try he just happens to be there. I was deep into thought when i heard a knock at my door. "Come on in." "Um hello Olivia." There he stood. why hadnt I asked who it was? God Im soo stupid. "Get out of my room." "Look can we just talk." "No." "Why" "Cus you are selfish low life jerk. Who played with me and broke my heart. I cant even look at you so GET OUT!!" He looked shock when i said this maybe I was a little too harsh on him. He left te room without looking up from the ground. I felt the tears rolling down my cheecks and I went straight to Madisynn's room. She answered when I knocked almost immediately. "I heard everything." "I shouldnt of screamed at him." "Yes you shouldve. He deserved it." "I need to go back home. I cant do this." "You are staying. You cant let me him ruin your dream." "Well to late for that." She wiped away my tears and i gently fell asleep.

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