Forgetting Your Name</3 *Completed*

Olivia is a girl with a secret from her past. Can she forget or will being a photographer for a big boy band bring it all back.
(a/n This is my first movella srry if its bad)


28. Cody!!!

I woke up to loud banging on the front door. I went downstairs and everyone was sitting on the couch. "I guess Ill get it. I wouldnt want you guys to get worn out" I joked with them. I opened the door and there stood Cody! "Cody!!" I jumped into his arms. "Woah I didnt know you missed me that much" He said He set me down and all the other boys were in by this time. "Cody!" Madisynn came running in and hugged him. I think they have a crush on eachother but Madisynn is too happy with Niall to go out with him. He set her down "So you are the boys who better not be taking advantage of my lil' sis" He said this in such a serious tone that the boys looked scared. "All night, every night" Liam said "Liam Whats up" They were such good friends when Cody lived here. I didnt tell Cody about the whole Liam cheating thing. I didnt even tell him we dated. "Nothing just enjoying life" Liam said. All the other boys stood there awkwardly. "Well am I going to have to be the one to introduce you guys or can you big boys handle it." I said in a baby voice. "Hello Im Harry" "Hello Im Zayn" "Hi Im Louis" "And Im Niall, Madisynn's Boyfriend" Oooo I think Niall is getting a little jealous. "Hi Im Olivia's brother Cody" He shook hands with everyone. "Ill take your bags and show you to your room" I said "Ill make some breakfast" Madisynn said "Yumm your food is delicious" Cody said. Niall scooted a little closer to Madisynn after that. Then me and Cody headed to his room.

*Madisynn's P.O.V.*

"Madisynn do you like Cody" Niall asked me. The truth is when I was about 15 me and Cody were basically like friends with benefits. I started to grow feelings for him but then he got a girlfriend and it all ended. I never told anyone about this not even Olivia because how awkward would that be I mean hes her brother but hes super hot with his dark mysterious eyes and his brown swishy hair. My thoughts were broken by Niall's voice. "I asked you a question Madisynn" "Oh Im sorry I was just concentrating. Trust me I dont like Cody. It would be weird if I did" Omg I just lied to Niall twice Why must Cody do this to me why. "Im trusting you Madisynn" and with he walked out of the kitchen. What am I going to do with my boyfriend and crush in the same building.

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