Fight for us

Niall and Meghan were best friends back in Ireland but when they were 13 Meghan's family had to move. They never said good bye. This is Meghan's biggest regret. She things Niall forgot her while the truth is Niall never has and promised to find her one day. Will Niall succeed in his quest or will Meghan remain a memory in his new fame?


1. Childhood


~Meghan's POV


"Niall." I call out."Where are you?" It was dark and no one was around. "Niall." I call out again. I had brought him out hear to tell him I tell him that tomorrow I was moving to America. I knew I should have told him sooner but I could spare to we were too close. I fell hands cover my eyes. "Niall." I breath. "Yea Meggy." He laughed. "Its me." "Don't call me that." I huff, pretending to be mad. "Sorry." He said trying to sound sincere. "Its ok." I laugh. "Nialler." "If I can't call you Meggy why do you get to call me Nialler?" He asked his eyes growing wide in mock shock. "Fine Niall." I say. "I got to tell you something." 'Sure anything" He said sitting down next to me. "Niall." I start. "I'm-" "Meghan." "Crap that my mom." I say turning to Niall. "Bye Niall." I say getting up. "Bye Meghan. see you tomorrow." "Yea." I mutter. I give him a quick hug and slip back into my house. "Did you tell him." I turn to see my brother, Ryder staring at me. "No." I sighed sitting down. "You should have." Ryder said sitting down next to me. "I know. I start. "It's just... I don't know I couldn't. Do you think he'll forgive me." "Niall?'' Ryder laughed. "He'll forgive you for anything." "Thanks little bro." I say giving him a hug. "We better get to bed we got a long trip ahead of us." I hurry upstairs to my empty room. I go to the window to look across the street at Niall's house. "Please forgive me Niall." I whisper." I wanted to tell you I just couldn't." I slip into my pajamas and brush my teeth. "Meghan?" My mom calls from my door. "I'm brushing my teeth mom." I call back. I finish up and go to my room. "You didn't tell him did you sweetie?'' My mom said from behind me. "No." I muttered. "Well I told him mom and she agreed to tell him tomorrow." She said. "Thanks mom." I say giving her a hug. "See you in the morning." "Be ready to travel." She said closing my door. I sigh and close my eyes. I wish I had told Niall.


~The next day

~Niall's POV

I hurry over to Meghan's house. She had been about to tell me something last night but her mom called her home. I jump up the steps and knock on the door. There was no answer. I try again still no answer. I head around the side to get the spar key. I reach under the stone cat but the key was gone. I start to panic had their house been robbed. I rush to a window and look in. The house was empty. I climb up the side of the house and walk across the roof to look in Meghan's room. It too was empty. Where were they? I climb back down the side of the house and rush home. "Mom." I call out as i rush in."Where are the O’Conors?" "Oh Niall." My mom said sadly. "I guess Meghan didn't tell you." "Didn't tell me what?" I say. "They moved." "What?"I exclaim. "How could Meghan not tell me they were moving? Where did they move to? Can we go vist them?" "Niall. They moved to America we can't go vist them." "We we can't." I turn and rush upstairs to my brother Greg's room. "Greg did you know the O’Conors were moving?" I demanded. "Yea." Greg mumbled half asleep.

"Ryder told me yesterday." "Then why didn't Meghan tell me?" I whisper. "Duh," greg said siting up."she didn't want to hurt you. Ryder told me that too." "Still." I mutter. "I wish she had told me." "She wanted too but well I don't know she's a girl she just didn't tell you get over it." Greg rolled back over and went to sleep. I walk back to my room and look out my window at Meghan's house and a for sale sign got hammered into her yard. I signed and turn way. "Oh Meghan." I mutter. "I promise you I will find you again." I sit down on my bed and grab a pen and a piece of paper. I scribble down. I promise I will find Meghan O’Conor. I slip the note into my desk drawer. This promise I will keep.

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