My Hero

When Brandi Carson was eleven, she wrote a letter to her inspiration, Justin Bieber. Five years later, she's the biggest star around, and she is close friends with Justin. One day, she finds the letter she wrote to him on his bedside table.


3. It's A Date?

The next day I had an interview on a radio station. I was asked about my award and performance from last night. Then they wanted to do Confirm or Deny. They asked about some rumors that've been going around: whether I was going on tour (deny for now, I can't say anything for a few more weeks), if I was collaborating with Rihanna (I wish), and if I was moving to Italy (nope).

When I left the interview I checked my phone to see one new message. It was from Justin- how'd he get my number? I read the message, which said "Hey Brandi! Want to go for lunch today?" I texted back "Sure- btw how'd u get my number?" I never got an answer back.

I walked to the restaurant and waited outside for Justin. A few photographers walked by, and I smiled and waved. Around one, I heard shouting from around the corner. "Where're you going Justin?" "To lunch." He ran over to me in dark sunglasses and all black clothes. "Let's go inside," I said, taking him by the hand and pulling him inside the restaurant.

We sat and talked about our lives, and at one point, about five paparazzi banged on the window by our table and yelled "Justin! Brandi! Are you two dating?" We shook our heads no and shouted "No, no, no!"

After lunch, Justin drove me home; he was going to perform on The Voice tonight, so he had to get ready. This was a nice date- I mean, a nice- I don't know!
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