Emma has been hating Harry styles for years. Wen they finally get a break from eachother.After being apart for 5 years wen they finally meet face to face will her feelings cange for him ? read the book to find out.


1. i hate you

Emma's P.O.V

'' I hate you harry styles '' i screamed on top of my lungs he was the last person on earth i would like to see. ''Wat happend now'' cindy asked while flying a cross the hallway. Cindy was my bestfriend and she hated harry as much as i did. Then  suddenly i saw harry standing right in front of me with an evil smile on his face.''You did this styles'' i said angry. '' How do you know '' he said acthing like he has done nothing. ''Who else in the whole school would cut my homework'' i said with an agry voice. He stared laughing and he walked away. ''This isn't over styles '' i screamed.


Emma's P.O.V

I  walked to the school's cafe and went in line.''I will have the usual'' i said to the lunch lady . '' American hamburger with frech fries and pie with a sprite'' she asked. ''Yup'' i said quick . '' well here you go i had it prepared just for you'' she said with a big smile. ''Thanks'' i said and walked away.I wint to sit next to cindy. Emma i heard somoene scream i turned around to see who it is and it was non other then harry styles . ''Are you really gonna eat all that '' he said . i ignored him and picked up my pie and walked over to him . All eyes were on me that was a first i said to myself . '' You know wat i really can't eat all of that but i guess you can help me'' i said. And bam i splated the pie all over his face evreyone stared to point and laugh . He quickly whiped some pie off his face.''That's write you don't mess with me styles'' i said while doing my happy dance.'' This isn't over '' he said ''o yeah '' i siad '' i guess this means war styles''. ''I guess it does'' he said . ''O bring it on'' i said.And that was the start of our  little never ending war.

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