My secret

Ella has been a singer/song writer since she was 5 years old but totally shy, she only had 2 friends... She has written songs of many genres as music is her voice & life. One day she wrote a couple songs for One Direction & sent it to them. To her surprise they put it on their ALBUM! They all want to find this mystery girl who wrote the famous songs. Will they succeed? Will they be amazed by her true beauty?


1. being found..


It’s Christmas vacation. I’m sat alone in my room with my guitar. My 2 best friends are out of the country & my parents are out partying.. I’m used to being alone by now though… Almost every week I would have a new song to add to my collection. I’ve written songs for many non-famous bands but with the song I’ve written have helped them. Local bands but I stay unknown too  them. I’m super shy & always have been! I stutter & mumble my words if I’m talking to anyone else but my two closest friends Samantha & Alex. Alex is like a brother to me, no more or less & Sam is the only one who understands me. Anyways… Now that you know my life story let me get to where I’m at now.  Like I said before, I write songs all of the time, but never love songs… Until now. I based a couple from Sam’s love life & her boyfriends. Oh by the way… She’s a MAJOR ‘directioner’. I know a lot about them now because of her. I don’t listen to them often cause I’m caught up with other bands.

Anyways, Because of her I know way too much about them. One day she got the information of their homes.. Kind of creepy I know right? Well that gave me an idea, I used two of the songs I wrote & sent them to One Direction. I thought it would be crazy if they even took one look at them. Well they did… & they put it on their new album. I wrote the songs ‘summer love’ & ‘They don’t know about us’. They became pretty popular songs. The things is half the guys but mostly Niall tweet about is trying to find me… I didn’t think it would go this far. Well they aren’t going to find me. They don’t know what I look like…


*After Christmas break at Collage*

“ELLA OH MY GOD HAVE YOU SEEN WHAT THE BOYS HAVE BEEN TWEETING!?” Was the first thing Sam could say as she entered the music room where I was tuning my guitar. “Good  to see you too.” I laughed hugging her. “Dude you have to see this!” She said putting her phone in my hands. It was Niall’s tweets of course… “Even if this amazing songwriter doesn’t show us who she really is, I just wanna take a sec to say thanksJxx” It read. “Sammy it doesn’t matter k? Get over it, they aren’t going to find me & I’m not going to say who I am.” I argued. “I know I’m just saying, he really is a sweetheart!” She replied. “Go to class I’ll see you later!” I laughed pushing her out of the music room. “Bye!!!” she cooed.

*Niall’s POV*

This is it, this is the day I am going to find out who she really is. I tracked down the letter she sent the songs in to her address & I have a free day to find her. We were at our family homes for Christmas so I have to take a plane to Canada to find her.

The plane ride was long.. oh well.

I caught a cab & told them the directions to her house. Once I reached her place I gave the guy his money & told him to wait just in case she wasn’t home. I walked up, rang the doorbell & a short women answered the door. “Hi, can I help you?” She asked. Shoot.. I don’t know her name. I’m assuming that’s her mom so here goes nothing. “Hi is you’re daughter home?” I asked nervously. “Sorry hun, she goes to collage not far from here, she won’t be home until later tonight. Are you a friend of hers?” She said. “Yeah!” I lied. “Okay well the school isn’t far from here, it’s a music school! Funny I don’t remember you, what’s your name?” She asked.. uh oh. “Um my name is Niall.. I uh.. Met her in summer camp!” I lied again. “Oh alright well I’ll see you later dear!” She said & closed the door. I ran back to the cab. “I need you to drop me off at the closest music school.” I demanded. “Ah I know where that is!” He said as we drove off.

We pulled up to the school & I paid him & ran hoping to find someone who could help me. Right then,  BAM I bumped into someone… Crap. “Ouch…” She said rubbing her head as I stood up pulling her with me. She looked up at me & then the biggest smile grew on her face. She took a deep breath as if she was about to scream! “Don’t scream!” I snapped putting my hand over her mouth. “Oh m-my god. You.. you’re… Oh my god… What!?” She somewhat whispered. “Yes I am, I know! I need help!” I said as her eyes got big. “Anything for you!” She squealed. “I’m looking for someone.” I said. “& I know exactly who you’re looking for! Yes she’s here & she’s my best friend!  & before you ask, yes I am a directioner!” She stated. I laughed at her enthusiasm. “Okay well then you know what’s going on I guess. Let’s go!” I said as she snatched my hand & pulled my with her through a couple building & then down the stairs to a room with a rather small door like a recording studio. “She here?” I asked “Sure is, but be quiet shes writing!” She stated. “I’ll see you later I have to go to class!” she said handing me her number & skipping off.  Okay then.. I quietly opened the door & opened it to see no one. I looked around & saw at the back of the room a girl with wavy long brown hair holding a guitar, at a table, writing. I didn`t want to disturb her, she looked so into what she was writing. Wow. I thought I would find just a simple looking person, nothing like her. She had something about her that made her beautiful. I could tell she wasn`t wearing makeup. She then put down her pen & started strumming the guitar still not noticing me. She has to eventually. I then knocked on the wall I stood against making her jump & look me dead in the eye. Whoa.

``Hi.`` I smiled. He sat there & what looked to be slightly shaking. ``Sorry, did I scare you?" I asked. She just sat there looking shocked as I walked towards her. "Hello?" I kinda of laughed.. "H-hi." She stuttered. "What's your name?" I asked her hoping she would answer. "Ella..." She said then looking at the ground.

*Ella's POV*

What is he doing here? Oh my god. What am I doing, SPEAK ELLA. I probably looked like an idiot...

"Nice to finally meet you Ella, I met you're friend... She told me where you were." He stated... Sam.. "Oh that's uh...Sam." I said still looking down. I can't believe he found me. "So, I'm glad I found you. You're a really great song writer, you know?" He said. I just shrugged. "I know you wrote those songs." He said laughing a little. "Yeah well... Um yeah." I didn't know what to say. What's going to happen now...?

"You're the shy type right?" He asked... I nodded smiling a bit. At least he understands. "Well why don't we go meet up with you're friend? Talk about things." He suggested... "I don't know." I stated, I was in the middle of writing. "C'mon I think it would be fun, we could go grab something to eat!" He said with a big smile on his face. "Fine.." I said getting up & putting my guitar in it's case & walked out of the room. "She gave me her number, your friend. Should I call her?" I nodded.

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