hope you like it

This is about a little girl called margret monty she gets everything she wants then behined her perants back she goes to belfast after school and gives all her presents to the people on the street


1. here you go

My name is megan monty I live in one of the biggest houses in northen Ireland im am 13 years old and i love caring for others  its my hobbie i get lots of things right now im typing this out in my apple imac but im goin to ask for another one soon to give to the local care home the children would love it but dont tell my mum im giving it away or she will go bonkers. oh her is my dad he just came in and gave me 6 iphone fives but only one is going to me the rest for some poor people on the street there really nice i know them really well i aways give them stuff. so any way i will stash the iphones into my bag so i can go to belfast after school and give it to them hold on  a moment i will just go ask mum to see if i can order 10 kindles 8 ipads 7 ipad minis and 10 justin bieber tickets and a bus to get therebe right back........its a yes as always  so i have just orderd them i will just pop off to the limo and get the driver to take me to belfast now..... im here i have told all my homeless friends about the justin bieber tickets there thrilled and i have give them all them goddies i bought they cant wait and i have bought them cloths aswell. its time for me to go i will see them tomarrow to go to the justin bieber consert ........ its the next day the bus is here to collect me and then i will go collect my friends we got there they all hoped on board with there new cloths oh and by the way there my age if you were wondering ........ we got there we were having a smashing time then it was time to go just when we were getting on  the bus my step sister seen me i ran quickly on the bus but she saw me oh no is probley going to ring mum. then i was home my mum grabbed me by the arm and said why were you on a bus with some strangers and i say there not strangers mum there my friends........................... a few week s later it was all sorede i didnt have to buy my friends any more stuff they got a house and was as  rich as i am hooray the end 

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