Fire on the water (Under the Moonlight sequel) (discontinued)

This is a sequel to my story Under The Moonlight, so it is a Twilight story and how some people would think it should've ended.


1. Escape

Jacob and I were eating our late breakfast, when we heard a howl in the distance. We knew immediately that it was Sam. He'd found a trail. Leaving our bowls of cereal and racing outside, Jake and I were ready to phase. Suddenly, the white-haired woman of my nightmares raced past, with Seth, Leah, Paul and Sam trailing behind. I heard Jacob mutter something unintelligent under his breath and then leap into the air, changing. I, on the other hand, had changed without all of the dramatic ridiculousness; by standing there and falling down as my arms turned into paws which supported me. I dashed off, Jacob following after finishing his scene. I snarled as I caught sight of the blood-sucker staring at me as she ran. Jacob growled from deep in his chest and launched forward even faster than before, over-taking the rest of us.
'I knew I was faster than you Leah' he teased.
'You wanna bet?' She snapped.
'Concentrate guys' Sam ordered. Leah and Jacob glared at each other for a long moment, then concentrated again on the task at hand.
Suddenly, a disgusting stench, so strong that it burned my nose, came into view. It blew into my nostrils and fogged up my thoughts. I stopped and skidded in the mud, letting it splatter in my face without a care. Because the trail wasn't just any trail.

'Bella! Why are you stopping?!' Paul hissed.
'This trail. Why is it here.' I stammered internally.
'I knew this would happen' Paul muttered.
'WHAT?! YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS?!' I roared, stretching over Paul's head to scare him.
'Yeah, the bloodsucker got back... I don't remember when' he whispered.
'We came across the familiar path two days ago. You were asleep' Sam explained.
I hissed. Asleep? And I missed a trail this obvious since then? I was pathetic...
'We've made sure to avoid the trail whenever you're with us' Sam admitted. I growled.
'Good job, we lost the vamp' Paul murmured.
'Paul, does that really matter?' I asked him, anger coating my tone. It was, though, hard to figure out how I actually felt. Angry? Sad? Dissapointed? Who knows. Becuase there was a part of me- and I didn't know how strong that part was- that wanted to rip his head off. Another part of me wanted to rip him to shreds; another anger reflex. But then, there was also a small component of my feelings that told me that I just wanted to go and find him, have him fix things back to the way they were.
'Thats never going to happen, Bella. Look at the state he left you in' Jacob mumbled. I turned and snarled in return.
'This isn't a good thing. You mustn't get any ideas.' Sam growled. I just glared at them both, and then bolted off into the opposite direction. I could hear the scolds I was getting from the other pack members following behind me, but I just ignored that. I ran until I had reached the road, and risked crossing to the other side. Luckily, I wasn't seen or hit by any passing cars or pedestrians, but the others were stopped midway by a speeding car. Their little hold-up gave me a head start.
I got to the Cullen's house moments after the others did, but it was enough time for me to notice the familiar pale, white face staring out of the window. His face was lathered with disgust, and I figured that Jacob's crude thoughts gave away my new identity. I stopped, noticing that the odour from before was back, though a lot stronger. I stared into the window, studying the marble face staring back at me.
'Edward' I thought mentally.

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