Emma has always been alone. And that's how she liked. She didn't have much of a family. Just a father who was always out drinking or passed out in front of the TV. The only thing she needed was her music. Everything changed when she was forced to live with an elderly man after running away and having no where else to go. That's where she met Zayn Malik, from the band One Direction. He was Mysterious and dangerous and had his eyes on Emma. Of course Emma wasnt all into him at first with her eyes hooked on Niall. But that sure didn't stop Zayn, with everything about to unravel and Emma has no where to run.


1. The Beginning

My names Emma, I'm 17. I live practically alone. Unless you count my Alcoholic father who doesn't realize I'm even around half of the time. Most people would hate living like this, but I don't. I like being alone, it gives me time to think and play music. That's what I live for, my music. 

"Ems Comee hurr right now!" My father said in his drunken slur.

I walked into the living room where he was sprawled out on the couch with a empty liquor bottle in his hand.I was curious of what he wanted. He hardly ever says anything to me. 

"What is it?" I asked. "Bring me some more liquor." he said. 

I can't believe him. hadn't said a word to me in the past month and then asks me to bring him more alcohol. I was Pissed. I walked into the kitchen and pulled out the liquor bottle from the freezer and started emptying it out in the sink. I brought the empty liquor bottle into the living room and smashed it against the floor. Yeah I had anger problems. 

"WHAT THE HELLS YOUR PROBLEM" My father yelled. He got off the couch and came running/stumbling towards me. Of course theres no way he would catch me. I bolted into my bedroom and locked the door. Seconds later he was beating on the door. I was done with him. 


He was pretty angry. I didn't care. But he was right. I couldn't stay in here forever. And if I went out there who knows what would happen to me.

It was time to leave. I had been thinking about it for years ever since my mother moved out taking my younger sister and leaving me with him. I hated her for it. I grabbed my Beatles Backpack and started stuffing clothes and other items I needed inside. I hated the thought of leaving my keyboard knowing he would probably sell it for alcohol money but I couldn't take it along. 

I opened my window which is thankfully in the front of the yard and hopped out. I heard my father bust through the door so I started to run. 

I kept running. Turning on my iPod and putting in my earphones blocking out the world.

       Author: Sorry the 1st chapters a little short but this is just the beggining. Any ideas? comments? things I need to Fix? Let me know. Xx




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