In the shadows

Alicia thinks she has it all until she meets Tyler the new boy but as she falls more in love with him cracks begins to show is he all what he seems or is there something dark hidden under his perfect smile.


2. Love

Sunday morning dawned bright and clear, Tyler awoke as sun poured in through a crack in the blind he looked down and saw Alicia was still asleep and her body still warm and close to his. He thought back to last night how he had comforted her on the bench and that kiss the one that had made everything else better. Fireworks explode and everyone else stopped around them. Tyler starred down at Alicia he rolled up her t-shirt and  lifted up his finger and followed her spine he couldn’t help thinking how he could off fallen for such a beautiful human being. As he leant down to kiss her she woke with a start and starred up into his big hazel eyes and pulled him closer they were almost touching her lips nearly on his. When the phone rang Alicia grabbed her dressing gown and answered “Bugger of Colette I’m busy,” and with that Alicia hung up, threw off her dressing gown and climbed back into bed.

“I love you” Tyler said whilst in the mist of kissing Alicia.

“Go on” Alicia replied.

“Well your smart, funny, pretty the list goes on and on.” Tyler listed his voice going louder on the list. They stopped kissing and both lay back on the pillow, they both just lay there for a minutes listening to the traffic go by and the world slowly drift around them but they only  had eyes for each other. 

Alicia thought back to the day before how after he had walked away she had stood up wiped her tears away and followed him he had turned to look her, his red scarf blowing in the wind he leaned down to and she wrapped her hands around his body her head rested in his shoulder like her head was the missing puzzle piece. They had walked back to her place where they had sat down on her bed and kissed franticly his hand going further and further down her body her jacket falling to the ground and his scarf being wrapped around a lampshade. She pulled away first, uncomfortable with him and her body. And for second as he looked at him her hair falling perfectly above her eye he leaned in and swept the piece of her back behind her ear she grabbed him and pulled him onto the bed. Alicia looked down to Tyler he had fallen asleep with her curled up in his arms the thought of last night had made her go tingle inside.  He didn’t want to go any further and neither did she so she had just curled up in his arms against his chest to them there love was enough to keep them going for eternity. 

Tyler woke again and whispered into Alicia’s ear “wake up sleepy head you’re coming out with me today” he said as climbed out of bed and pulled on his shirt. “Are you sure you won’t to be seen with me, I mean you’re so perfect and I’m so…” Alicia looked down twirling the piece of her hair which was hanging down. “You must stop thinking you are not good enough for me.” He lifted up her face in his hands and pulled her close, “You are beautiful and I love you and I will never……..”

 Crash the windows suddenly blow in the glass shattering around them but in Alicia’s eyes everything seemed to be moving in slow motion Tyler falling to the ground her running over rolling him on to his back and looking into his eyes then people swinging in and pulling her away her shrieking then. Then nothing, darkness the happiness had been sucked out of her smile gone just a look sorrow remained in her eyes. She saw the shadows every night it was like they were real but not real almost like her imagination was playing tricks on her mind.

 She was sitting in some kind of cell no light just a small hole at the top with bars in a series of complicated patterns, a man brought her food everyday on a green plastic but Alicia didn’t care anymore the world just went in slow motion she didn’t matter anymore the only image which kept replaying in her mind was Tyler falling to the ground men pulling her back, her shrieking screaming. Crying, she wanted him back and, and, and. The thought of the memory brought a tear to her eye. It ran along her cheek and fell onto the ground into the puddle of her tears from that day. She curled up into a ball on the bed and fell asleep crying as she did everyday.

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