In the shadows

Alicia thinks she has it all until she meets Tyler the new boy but as she falls more in love with him cracks begins to show is he all what he seems or is there something dark hidden under his perfect smile.


3. Hatred

Get up you lazy little beggar” A harsh voice rang through Alicia’s mind, she opened her eyes to see a tall, dark figure dressed in black peering over her a long, bony finger prodding her in the ribs.

“Who are you? And what do you want from me?” Alicia replied quietly as she sat up and looked up she couldn’t help staring into the figure’s black eyes. As she peered into its eyes a shiver ran down her spine the emptiness of eyes was unbearable they were so hollow like they had no emotion left inside of them almost dead.

“Well she is a good size, needs a lot of training a few tweaks but nothing major.” The figure spoke in a sinister voice oohing and ahhing as it went along, “Get her” It instructed the group of strange men stood behind him.

“Get off me get off me, leave me alone I have done nothing wrong.” Alicia screamed as she was dragged along the floor of the cold stone floor ways her knees becoming red and sore. They dumped her on the floor in a cold stone room, Alicia looked around she noticed a computer and a chair standing in the centre of the room the light reflecting of the cold leather making look unwelcoming the computer stood displaying the logo of five circles interlocking in green with an arrow and a pair of wings stained in blood.

“Don’t just stand there put her in the chair we haven’t got all day” the figure cried in despair waving its arms around and striding over to enter a code into the computer.  Suddenly an ultra violet light appeared out of nowhere a tall figure jumped out of the light and grabbed Alicia’s hand she was pulled into the light and disappeared within a second.

Alicia woke with a start she was lying in some kind of apartment there was a fire in the corner and a note by her bed. She picked it up and read it ‘Dear Alicia, I’m sorry” Alicia read the note over and over tears came to her eyes she crumpled the note and threw it into the fire, the fire licked the edges of the paper and it turned black. The words "I'm sorry" gleamed then went dim, Alicia couldn’t get the words out of her head “I’m sorry” Was Tyler dead who had written the note what was the light and who grabbed her, Alicia turned over and lay her head back on the pillow she closed her eyes and fell back asleep her tears rolling down her face one by one.

“Bang” a chair fell over the fire caught hold of the leg and made its way through the wicker seat and over to Alicia bed. Alicia smelt smoke she glanced up her room was on fire “s***” was the first thought which went through her mind. The smoke was coming towards her it’s hands crawling its way up body and into her lungs she passed out, just into for a figure to smash the door down and pick her up in its arms and take her to safety.

“Tyler your alive I’ve missed you so much. Tyler, Tyler. Tyler where are you going come back I love you don’t leave me please don’t I need you”

A bright light was shining in Alicia face and people were crowding over her talking in hushed voices and women was standing at the end of the bed she was in shouting and directing the people around the bed.

“w-where am I” Alicia mumbled she couldn’t speak it felt like there was nothing in her lungs and it was suffocating her. Then everything went black darkness surrounding her Tyler was in the distance she was running to him she had nearly got to him when an electrical current ran through her body pulling her back into reality she didn’t want to go back, Tyler was dead and she wanted him. Why wouldn’t they let her go to him? What was the point of living without him no-one to comfort her, no one to kiss her and cuddle her?

A nurse poked her head round the door and smiled sweetly to her. “Sarah, sweetie someone here’s to see you he says his names Mitchell. Mitchell Oliver. Do you know him?” The nurse asked as she started to walk in.

Alicia stared at her ‘Yes” she was hardly listening she was still thinking about Tyler why couldn’t everything go back to normal back to when she had first met him.

“Hi sweetie glad your awake I’ve been worried sick about you” He leaned in to kiss Alicia his lips brushing against her lips.

She pulled away “what are you doing” Alicia pushed him away “I don’t even know who you are but I’m letting you kiss me” Alicia turned away shocked at what she was saying and doing, she kissed him and the worst thing was during that kiss Tyler didn’t even cross her mind it was like she had forgotten all about him.

“Sarah, Sarah what do you mean you don’t know who I am. I’m your boyfriend Mitchell. Mitchell Oliver we have been going out for months when the incident happened.” Mitchell leaned over and took hold off Alicia’s hands “You hadn’t been well so you went to bed and that’s when our bedroom caught fire.” He said sounding shocked how could she forget him and the things they had been through.

“My names not even Sarah its Alicia. Alicia. Um Ali, A” Alicia mumbled becoming more and more confused what was happening and who was the black figure in her mind and why was the figure getting smaller. What was she thinking about?  Why was her mind burning? It was screaming it felt like her brain was being torn apart.

“There, There it’s alright you’ve been through a lot. It’s ok” Mitchell leant down and wrapped Alicia in his arms “You’re safe now and no one and I mean no one can ever harm you again” He spoke calmly but with the air of fierceness in his voice. 

“What do you mean no one can hurt me again” Asked Alicia curiously who would want to hurt her off all people she was normal she was just Alicia what was she saying her name was Sarah she was Sarah her boyfriend Tyl what was she saying her boyfriend was Mitchell and sweetest most kindest human being ever and she loved him from the bottom of her heart.  The memory of Tyler was fading from her mind he was no the warm in her laughter in her voice the blurred figure who she could never put a face to the spirit in the air and the person whom she wanted when she was most upset to cry to, hug wrap her arms around his body so nothing would ever get to her only happiness.

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