I'll Be Your Hero

Raina Thompson just wanted to live a normal life, but after meeting Niall Horan how will her life change? And how will it effect her when they start dating? Will the constant pressure floating above her head from the Directioners get to her? Read to find out. :)


1. A Day In The Big Apple

*Raina POV*

I slowly woke up with a warm, tight embrace around my belly. I smiled and flipped over. "Hi." I whispered, still smiling. Niall's eyes slowly opened. He yawned. "Good morning baby." He said with a tired smile. "Morning Ni." I said. He rolled over onto his back; detaching his arm from me. "Ugh. I have an interview today. I'm so tired! " He said rubbing his eyes. "Maybe this will wake you up." I said and rolled on top of him, pressing my lips to his softly. I felt him smile. I pulled back and he chuckled. "I guess I'm awake now." He said and I rolled off him and he stood up. I watched as he rummaged through his dresser for clothes. "Niall.." I whined. "Yeah babe." He chuckled. "When do you get back from your interview?" I asked, sitting up. "Well, I have others things with the boys today and I don't know what Paul has planned so, I'll be back around 8 or 9 tonight." He said. I groaned. "But I have a hour break for lunch. We can go out then." He said turning to face me smiling. I smiled back at him. "Im sorry. You know I'd spend every second with you if I didn't have things to do." He said walking over to me. He kissed my forehead and whispered "I love you." Before walking into the bathroom.


"Bye babe. I'll see you around one! Love you." Niall called walking out the door of our hotel room. "Love you too." I said and stood up. I had to go shopping. We were in New York City for gods sake. I showered and got dressed and walked down to the lobby. Fans everywhere started flipping. I guess that's what I get for dating Niall. "Hi." I said to them and started walking out of the hotel; taking some pictures with fans along the way. I don't mind the fans, I think it's sweet that they travel for the boys. I walked along the streets observing the sights of the city in early December. I saw a H&M and practically ran in there. I was looking through scarves when someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around to see a girl who looked about the age of 15. "Hello. Can I help you?" I said. "You're Raina aren't you? Niall's girlfriend?" She said with a smile. "Yes I am. How can I help you sweetheart?" I asked. "Can I have a picture with you? Please?" She asked. "Awe. Sure." I said and she took out her iPhone and took a couple shots. "Bye Raina. Thank you!" She said before running off. I laughed and whispered 'no problem' but she couldn't hear me. I bought some things and walked out. I took out my phone and checked the time. It was 12:30. I decided to call Niall.
PHONE CALL: (R=Raina. N=Niall)
*ring ring. Ring ring. Ring ri-*
N: Hey baby.
R: Hi Ni. Where did you want to meet up?
N: uh. Wanna go get pizza?
R: sure. The one we went to before?
N: yeah that one.
R: okay. I'll see you there soon.
N: okay. Bye love.
R: bye.
I walked to the pizza place where Niall and I went the last time we were in NYC. I sat in a booth waiting for him. The bell on the door rang and my gaze went to the person walking through the door. Niall. I smiled. He saw me and walked over to me and sat down with me.
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