The Unexpected Adventure

Cody was at school on a normal Thursday morning when the day takes a turn of events. Now he's wondering the world with the most unexpected creatures to save the world of it's doom. But there's one problem. He's 15 and his parents are worried sick about him cause they think he was kidnapped.


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2


     I woke up with a startle thinking everything was just a dream but I was wrong because once I opened my eyes I saw pixies, faries, mini trolls, trolls, giants, werewolves, vampires, and others. I thought they only existed in fairy tales and fantasy books? This must be some horrible night mere! This can't be happening. 

"You alright there Cody?" The pixie said.

"HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME!?" I yelled jumping on my feet and looking all around me.

"Calm down Cody we aren't going to hurt you. We need your help." a werewolf said.

   I looked at it questionably with an eyebrow raised. Why would creatures like these need my help? I can't do anything compared to Jason. So why me?

"Why do you need my help?" I asked voiced my thoughts.

"We need your help to save the world." one of the vampires said. 

"Why does the world need saving?" 

"Would you stop asking all these pointless questions kid and let us explain!?" A very frustrated troll yelled at me.

    I was so startled that I jumped and fell on my butt. I looked at him or her...wide eyed. Trolls in a bad mood is very very scary. Just thought I should let you know.

"Okay explain." I said and nodded my head agreeing to what I said. 

"The leader of our world has threatened to destroy all of the human race. His name is Henry Ruben. He's a very evil man and he can do anything. He's taking over every ones mind back in fantasy world, and he's going to make them apart of his army. All of us agreed that we can't let that happen. So we chose you to help us. We've seen what you can do and we're positive that you can do this. We only have 17 days until he exterminates all humans. What do you say, will you join us?" The wise old wizard from Wizard 101 explained. 

     If I don't help them then every one will be dead and Henry Ruben will take over. If I do help there a good chance I can save every one and put Henry Ruben where he belongs. Should I? What will mom do when she finds out I'm gone?

"Why would you want me just plain old Cody from Jacksonville Florida to help you save the world?" I asked while rising to my feet.

"Like we said. We've seen what you can do and you're unique. You're the only one who can help us. We need you. The world needs you. The human race needs you Cody. Please help us." The nice lady giant said in a booming voice.

"Um....I guess I'll do it......" 

    They all jumped around cheering while I was been thrown every which way from the giants feet shaking the ground with every stomp they made.

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