The Unexpected Adventure

Cody was at school on a normal Thursday morning when the day takes a turn of events. Now he's wondering the world with the most unexpected creatures to save the world of it's doom. But there's one problem. He's 15 and his parents are worried sick about him cause they think he was kidnapped.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1


           I wonder who Cloe is going to the dance with? I want to take her but what if she turns me down? I don't wanna be embarrassed. It's bad enough that every girl finds me unattractive. Well that's what I think they think. Girls are just to hard to understand. I wouldn't know if they like me or not. But Luke is lucky. He get's all the girls begging to take them to the dance and on dates. It's kind of pathetic to me. Why would you beg for someone to take you out? If they wanted to they would just do it. 

        I would ask Cloe but it's not as easy as it looks. She has every guy wrapped around her finger with her gorgeous strawberry blonde hair that's in a pixie cut and her blazing blue eyes. With a few freckles underneath her eyes that are aimlessly spread about her cheeks and her button nose. She's the 'IT' girl here and it's hard to get the nerve to talk to her. 

     One reason is because she's more interested in school work then hanging out with a guy in a crowded gym with a bunch of sweaty people around you. She has no clue that she has every guy drooling over her. If she asked someone to do something horribly gross they would do it. All the other girls want to be her. 

    Maybe I should step out of my day dream for a minute and tell you who I am. I'm Cody Redele. Not the most appealing last names but I don't mind 'cause it's my name after all. I'm 15 years old as of today. I don't think anyone knows it's my birthday. Oh well that's a good think because then Jason (The school bully) can't give me my 15 'birthday punches' and 1 more for good luck. That is a good thing I'm telling you. 

   I have sparkling green eyes, as my mom said. My hair is a sandy blonde color and in JB's look from when he first started. But mine is better. I have an older brother who is 17 years old and his name is Jason. Yes you guessed it. He's the school bully. He only bullies me at school so he can keep his reputation up. I don't mind 'cause he plays Call Of Duty with me at home and makes me food. 

   So I can live with being beat up. It's just that my mom, dad, and Jason always forgets my birthday. Don't ask me how, but they do. It doesn't bug me though, because I'm not into the whole 'throwing a party and getting presents because your going to be an old man soon' thing. Trust me if I wanted to be reminded every year about how much closer I am to getting grey hair I would've dyed my hair grey already. 

   Today is April 5th, 2012. I can honestly say it's been pretty good today for a Thursday. The sun's shining. No clouds are in sight. There's a light breeze. You can hear the bird happily chirping. God I am starting to sound like a girl! I really need to get that checked out. Next I have gym class! We are going to be playing dodge ball. Sorry to brag, but I'm the best dodge ball player out of the 9th grade.

   So let's get back to class. I'm in Literacy class right now and we are reading 'How To Kill A Mocking Bird'. I'm not the one to read often but it's a pretty good book so far. Mr.E is reading out loud while we follow along in our books. Suddenly I felt my ankles being tied together. I looked down and trolls? In a split second my arms were thrown behind me and being tied. Then a gag was put at my mouth. 

    I was tied to a stick and a werewolf had one end of the stick in it's mouth and a elf was holding the other. I looked at everyone wide eyed and trying to scream for help but no one even moved a muscle. It's as if they can't see or hear me. The last thing I saw before I blacked out from my nerves was Cloe and her angelic face while mouthing the words of the book. 

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