The Tree

Rose and Dean were childhood best friends and they still would be if Dean hadn't had to move to another country. He moved when they were 7 years old and they never kept contact. They always used to go to this big tree in a field where they would play and just sit around. Rose still visits the tree everyday. No one ever goes there. Now its 10 years after Dean moved and he's back but Rose doesn't know it. She just thinks there's this stranger sitting at her tree. But when school starts up they soon realize who they really are. But maybe it's not a very happy moment when they find out who they are. It may be the complete opposite then happy.


1. Prolouge



        Dean and Rose the perfect match. Everyone always says that they just know one day they'll be together. Little did they know that 10 years after Dean and his family moved that nothing would be civilized between them. No one, including Rose, knows why this is happening.

      Did she do something wrong?

      Did she say something wrong?

      What did she do?


It's because her childhood best friend fell in love and swore he wouldn't fall for her again.

    No one knows that though. It's not all fun and games when you get in the way of his very rich and jealous girlfriend Iesha. 

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